ComiXology To Offer "All You Can Eat" Subscription Plans

June 28, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited

Comixology_Born_On_A_WednesdaySpotify does it. Netflix does it. Amazon Prime does it on many Kindle offerings. And Marvel does it with Marvel Unlimited. But they are alone in a large comic book publishers to offer an all-you-can-eat subscription service, and they are rather picky per that books finish adult there. Scribd does offer a multi-publisher option, though it is a singular one with vital exceptions.

Well it is time for a attention to bear as large a change as a launch of ComiXology itself. At a insistence of their new owners Amazon, a heading digital comics distributor and publisher ComiXology will be charity all-you-can-eat subscription services to readers, permitting them to compensate a bound fee, afterwards have total entrance to name comic books. And publishers will have to play along. My expectancy is that this would be mandatory for ComiXology Submit.

I would design new books to not be accessible this way. But for those peaceful to timeshift their comic book reading habits, as many have finished for Marvel, this could lead to poignant assets for a normal comic book fan. It would expected lead to an boost in reading, though also a diminution in income for publishers and creators. Comixology design substantial fluster from their publishers.

But Amazon have oral and so it contingency be. Will it be called ComiXology Prime?

Look for an announcement, not during San Diego Comic Con, though during New York Comic Con.

So, will anyone lift a Taylor Swift?

ComiXology did not respond to e-mails.

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