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August 7, 2017 - Kindle Unlimited

In this month’s Comic Book Corner, Sophie explores a X-Files universe, while Beth dives into Marvel’s Patsy Walker AKA HellCat series, interjection to Kindle Unlimited.

We wish we have a good summer and demeanour brazen to pity a reading suggestions with we in a subsequent Comic Book Corner on Oct 1st.

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The X-Files Origins: Dog Days of Summer, Issues #1 and #2

The X-Files Origins: Dog Days of Summer, Image IDW Publishing
The X-Files Origins: Dog Days of Summer, Image IDW Publishing

Writers: Jody Houser, Matthew Dow Smith
Artists: Chris Fenoglio, Colin Howell
Publisher: IDW Publishing

After a fabulous, if short, run last year, Sophie was gay when The X-Files: Origins returned to comics with a new 4 emanate singular arc. Dog Days of Summer is set usually one week after a events of a prior arc and, as with final year’s run, is stoical of a Mulder story and a Scully story that run alone from one another yet have some connections.

In Mulder’s story, immature Fox is still brooding over a events of a prior week, assured there is some-more going on than a grownups of Martha’s Vineyard wish him to know. His friends, Tim Eric, seem some-more calm to let sleeping dogs lie—Eric clearly endangered about his father nonetheless reluctant to acknowledge so to a other boys. During issues one and two, Fox helps save a life of a immature deaf lady called Lisa—twice—when she finds herself station in bizarre places, enraptured by something in a air. He also bumps into Mercy, a puzzling blonde lady from a final arc, and a dual learn over half a dozen passed whales that have cleared adult on a shore, many positively connected to a bizarre readings being available by a scientists and troops from a Oceanic Institute.

Scully’s story is set 3 years after Mulder’s in San Diego where her father has recently turn Rear Admiral in assign of Miramar Naval Base. Dana is still disorder from a murder of her Sunday propagandize teacher, an apparently pointless crime committed by a homeless male she detected vital on a circuitously beach, and entrance to terms with a loneliness that comes with relocating to a new city during an critical age. Over these issues, Dana realizes that a circuitously craft pile-up is related to final week’s events when she recognizes a commander is a same homeless male obliged for her teacher’s murder. The military don’t take her claims severely yet within hours, a investigator she spoke to washes adult passed on a really same beach. However, it is her father Admiral Scully’s story that has so distant been a some-more retaining as he confronts a group regulating his bottom to control tip tests and finds himself drawn deeper and deeper into a swindling with a Smoking Man during a heart.

Both stories in emanate one are short, partly overdue to a need to move readers adult to speed on events of a prior arc, however, both also container in copiousness to settle a new mysteries that will form a fortitude of this new mini series. Issue dual takes both and expands on each, giving readers most some-more to consider about and as many new questions as answers. Scully’s doubt of her faith once again feels a tiny heavy-handed, yet a scenes with her father some-more than make adult for that, and a despondency that surrounded Mulder’s impression is already copiousness clear here. Sophie also loves how a dual stories feel like partial of a bigger whole yet though messing adult criterion by interweaving Mulder Scully’s lives too early. Details such as both kids finale emanate dual by creation a find on a beach with Mercy by their side uncover that a dual are partial of one star and one story.

These are some of a best X-Files stories in years, and anyone endangered about Kid Mulder and Kid Scully not wise into after criterion should really give a array a advantage of a doubt.

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The X-Files: Funko Universe One-Shot

The X-Files: Funko Universe, Image: IDW Publishing
The X-Files: Funko Universe, Image: IDW Publishing

Writers: Derek Fridolfs, Mike Raicht, Matthew Dow Smith, Denton J. Tipton
Artists: Pamela Lovas, Charles Paul Wilson III, Chris Fenoglio, Troy Little
Publisher: IDW Publishing

Sophie was also anxious when The X-Files was one of 5 franchises to accept a Funko Universe treatment, this year’s crazy charity from IDW. The X-Files issue was stoical of 4 brief stories by several artists and authors, all drawn regulating Funko Pop character versions of a characters. Despite a whole thing being solidly tongue-in-cheek, a book featured some truly glorious X-Files storytelling.

The initial story, “To Believe Or Not To Believe,” is some-more like a elementary array of vignettes featuring Mulder spotting several paranormal phenomena while Scully stays comically oblivious. A Funko flukeman can be spotted, as can a murky figure of a CSM, and a weeping AD Skinner when Mulder pulls on a bald top and imitates him—much to Scully’s annoyance. There’s even a curtsy to a 2012 visitor advance tract that a show’s creators clearly brushed underneath a rug. Sophie’s personal favorite featured a dual agents in a desert, Scully’s eyes drizzling black. This is not, however, a visitor Purity pathogen as Mulder immediately suspects, merely Scully’s eyeliner using in a heat.

The subsequent story, “You Are What You Eat,” is wholly though discourse and sees Mulder and Scully questioning a smoothie store giving divided “free black oil milkshakes” that seem to be branch consumers into infamous monsters. Upon investigating, a agents learn that a owners of this store has a suspiciously immature mettle and an equally questionable mustache. When a monsters attack, a renter seizes a event to shun with Mulder on feet behind, withdrawal Scully to deflect off a enemy with a circuitously frying pan. Bursting out of a behind door, Mulder sees a quadruped fly divided on a drifting saucer, typically, tiny seconds before Scully arrives on a scene.

Story three, “Escape from Space Mountain,” is set during Area 51 1/2 outward “the city subsequent to Roswell.” A black matched figure infiltrates a base, finding a glossy UFO sat within a hangar, before being detected themselves seconds after by a Smoking Man and a tiny army of soldiers. Dumped into a base’s prison, a figure now suggested to be Mulder discovers an visitor serf and hatches an elaborate tract to shun with a being, usually to learn that a visitor has a Star Trek-style teleporter that can giveaway them with ease. The dual bust out of a towering aboard a spaceship and Mulder unexpected finds himself sat during his table in Washington, DC, where Scully drily informs him of a really critical box sent down to them from Skinner.

Finally, “Sasquatch on a Set” sees Mulder, Scully, and their plaid-wearing beam out sport Bigfoot in a Pacific Northwest. The savage appears, their beam creates a mangle for it, and Scully is caught. Just when it all looks bad for a agents, an even bigger Bigfoot (Biggerfoot?) looms out of a woods, knocking a initial savage to a belligerent and pardon Scully. Suddenly, we mark Funko Chris Carter station behind a camera seeking either they got a shot and a genuine Bigfoot snuggling a feign one from a uncover production, most to a dismay of a male inside a costume.

These stories all uncover a fun side of The X-Files while adding in elements of conspiracy, horror, and all else that done a uncover what it was—all though apropos bogged down in a overly serious, involved plots that mostly disease X-Files storytelling. There are dozens of fun nods for fans to discover, and one-liners that are firm to move a grin to faces. Honestly, this is a best X-Files comic Sophie has examination in years.

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Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! Vol. 1 2

Patsy Walker AKA HellCat, Image Marvel
Patsy Walker AKA HellCat, Image Marvel

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Kate Leth
Artists: Brittney L. Williams, Megan Wilson

Beth has been personification in a Marvel finish of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited pool this summer, and detected a fun that is Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! This array is splendid and fun, and a infrequent reader doesn’t have to be informed with a aged Patsy Walker array to suffer a reboot. There’s copiousness of movement and humor, and several asides to explain characters from other array as they seem in this one, so even yet Beth doesn’t examination many Marvel titles, she felt like she could keep adult with a story and a stream storyline.

Patsy is a superhero in need of a job, yet her dream is to build an group for associate superpowered beings who need employment, too. Several of them are hired by an Asgardian temptress who wants to build an immorality serf army on a cheap, and Patsy, along with She-Hulk and other friends, foil her plans. Add in a quarrel with her former crony Hedy, who owns her correspondence and is reproducing comic books from her past, and even gets Patsy’s demon ex-husband to send her behind to a dimension of Hell, and Patsy has her paws full. That’s not even counting a difficulty with Black Cat and a fight on Thanos!

In further to villains, a dual collections have an overwhelming set of guest appearances, including Doctor Strange, Jessica Jones, Nick Cage, Jubilee, and even Howard a Duck, who gets some-more page time here than shade time in Guardians of a Galaxy. Great storylines and essay from Kate Leth and clear art from Brittney L. Williams and Megan Wilson make this a ideal summer read, generally for comic fans on a staycation budget.

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