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January 13, 2017 - Kindle Unlimited

Friday a 13th; a day to be feared, or a day like any other? Most people in a western universe will tell we a 13th will move set-back and doom into your existence. Some contend it’s given of a 13 attendees during a Last Supper. Others contend it stems from Friday, Oct. 13, 1307, when Philip IV of France arrested hundreds of Knights Templar. There are other speculations as given that sole date generates so most fear. In fact, millions are so fearful of any Friday a 13th that a collision rate does seem to increase. Is it given it is truly unlucky, or given of formulating self-fulfilling prophecies? Personally, we consider it’s a latter.

Friday a 13th has always been propitious for me. we won $200 in a check pool during work on Oct. 13, 1964, easy to remember given it was my initial payday during Simpson Electric in Chicago and my oldest son’s initial birthday. Signed a book agreement on a 13th — a book was published in 1997, sole really good and is still selling, now in a sixth printing. Insurance and financial brokers mostly applaud “Black Cat Friday,” where staff creates a accordant bid to boost a series of finished sales before a finish of a day to uncover their salesmen and women a 13th need not be feared. Black cats are my favorite — we have 3 of them—two are plain black.

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Speaking of cats, there’s a fight going on in my house. Sirius, a Tuxedo with bratitude, has motionless a trusting European Cypress my youngest daughter sent for Christmas is enthralling and a moss surrounding a tree is a daze that should be private from a glossy red pot. Not gonna happen. Heated discussions have ensued with lots of growling on my part. Don’t laugh. It works. The tree is still intact…so far. Sirius’ final art plan incorporated recreating a beach during Cancun around his spawn box. Thankfully, critics prevailed and he stopped, yet not but argument. He’s indeed a really honeyed cat, only full of mischief. Sirius, Storm and Jetstream have been a lot of comfort given my heart eventuality a year ago. I’m still not authorised to expostulate given of dizziness, so a boys have been good companions during this time. Friends have been great, too. Even yet I’m stranded during home, we don’t feel removed or bored, generally given my oldest daughter gave me a year’s subscription to Kindle Unlimited. If we stay quiet, we don’t get dizzy, so we read…a lot. I’m also delving deeper into a story of this area for my subsequent book and have located volumes to download that have been taken to a ubiquitous open for decades unless we physically trafficked to a remote library. Cordes Lakes Public Library’s interlibrary loan use has been intensely useful as well, permitting entrance to books from university and open libraries. Thank you, Cindy Simmons!

May currently move we good fortune! It is, after all, another pleasing day.

Until subsequent time.

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