Casey Peeler shares latest book ‘Lion Eyes’

March 18, 2017 - Kindle Unlimited

When Casey Peeler wants to write, she sits during Lily Bean’s Micro-Roasted Coffee in uptown Shelby. Sometimes she’s there for 3 hours during a time.

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It took her reduction than 6 weeks to write her latest book “Lion Eyes,” now for sale online around Amazon. It’s her ninth book, a sports intrigue following a lives of dual college students: Tyke, a quarterback on a football team, and Rilla, a feisty daughter of a former NFL actor who has a love-hate attribute with a sport.

“Sometimes life is bigger than a game. Sometimes life is a biggest game,” Peeler said. “There’s a bigger-than-football atmosphere in this book. It’s about assembly your goals. This is your dream as a child. How do we make it occur as an adult? And if it’s not a approach it’s ostensible to go, how do we understanding with it? Do your dreams change?”

The tragedy and events in a book could occur to anyone, though Peeler believes in happily ever afters. She pronounced a book is endorsed for readers 16 and older. It’s created from both character’s indicate of view.


Casey Peeler’s Southern Charms

Peeler, of Shelby, is all about joining with her readers. She shares information about her books around amicable media and her travel team, Casey Peeler’s Southern Charms, is a organisation joining around Facebook to yield feedback and learn information about her books before other readers. Anyone might join.

“I’ll even ask them, ‘Hey, what kind of book do we wish me to write next?’ It’s some-more than books in there, we’re like a small family,” she said.

The impression Rilla from “Lion Eyes” was named by reader Tammy Chapman on winning a contest.

“I asked something and pronounced ‘If we collect your idea, afterwards I’ll let we collect a impression in my subsequent book,’” Peeler said.

Her idea is write and recover 4 books a year. She writes during any accessible impulse and has another book in a works for recover in May. She encourages readers to write online reviews for her books on Amazon.

“Lion Eyes” is accessible in paperback for $12.99. Visit to order. Copies are also for sale during Logos To Go Embroidery, 123 N. Lafayette St., Shelby. Kindle readers might squeeze a digital duplicate or join Kindle Unlimited to review for free.

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