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June 7, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A terrible, horrible, no good, unequivocally bad thing happened final month. My Morgantown library label expired. Which we didn’t even know was a thing. I’ve had my Putnam County library label given before we could indeed read, and it’s still going strong.

My vital calamity started with me logging into a West Virginia Digital Entertainment Library Initiative. we had usually finished reading “Neverwhere,” by Neil Gaiman, and we was perplexing to confirm what to review next. we had my login information saved on my computer, though it kept giving me a summary that my label was expired.

Surely this contingency be a mistake. Library cards don’t expire. we motionless to call a library initial thing in a morning.

It turns out, a Morgantown library not usually expects a blood scapegoat when we pointer adult for a card, as good as explanation that you’re not a tyro who is going to check out a garland of books afterwards skip town, though now we have to come in once a year to infer you’re still a Morgantown proprietor to keep your card.

When we changed to Charleston, we didn’t get a Kanawha County library label given we usually use a online services. Morgantown and Kanawha County both use WVDELI, so we didn’t see a need for it.

Then my label expired, and my dreams were crushed.

I would like to dedicate this mainstay to my Morgantown library card. A impulse of overpower for all of a e-books we had on reason that I’ll now have to wait several some-more months to be means to check out.

After a awful news, we finally sealed adult for a Kanawha County library card. Now I’m No. 27 on a wait list for Harper Lee’s new book, when we was creatively No. 5 (#wompwomp, #notblessed, #pleasepray).


One reason we was so sad over a detriment of my library label is that I’m a tightwad when it comes to books.

It’s not since we don’t consider they’re value a money, though since we go by a lot of them. This month I’m going to share all a ways we can review as many as your small heart wants though incidentally emptying your bank account.


n BookBub ( is a daily email newsletter that facilities giveaway or inexpensive e-books. When we pointer up, we select what format what wish prefer: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Android or iBooks.

You can collect your favorite genres for a daily email, and afterwards your favorite authors to get alerts when they have a special understanding on one of their e-books.

I’ve downloaded several giveaway books that have been featured in a newsletter since it’s tough to pass adult something that cost giveaway dollars. Some books I’ve enjoyed from BookBub are “Happy(ish)” by Cara Trautman (free!), and “The Last Anniversary” by Liane Moriarty (for that we paid $1.99, though is frequently $10.99).

n Book Gorilla: Like BookBub, Book Gorilla ( is a daily newsletter that alerts we to book deals. It seems to have some-more specific genres to select from, such as paranormal intrigue or cyberpunk scholarship fiction. If that doesn’t sell we on it, we unequivocally don’t know what will.

n Project Gutenberg: This website claims to offer some-more than 46,000 giveaway e-books.

Some of a many renouned books accessible are classics from Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain.

n Amazon Kindle Unlimited: we was super-excited to hear about this service. It’s kind of like Netflix for e-books — we compensate $10 per month and can review an total series of books (and have adult to 10 on loan during a time).

I started a giveaway hearing final month after anticipating that a supplement to a giveaway book we review was accessible by a service. After finishing that book and perplexing to see if any of a other books I’ve been watchful to get were available, we fast became unhappy with a service. we suspicion I’d be means to review any book we wanted. Nope.

While we can review as many as we want, a accessible books weren’t unequivocally all that enticing. After my hearing is up, we don’t devise to allow to a service.

n Libraries: Duh, guys. Libraries let we steal books for free. And we can steal e-books — for free. Kanawha County has WVDELI ( and Putnam County has WV-READS (

If we have a library card, we can use this use to check out e-books for adult to 3 weeks and audiobooks adult to dual weeks. You can check out adult to 10 equipment during once, as good as putting adult to 10 equipment on hold, if they’re already checked out.

The best partial is, we don’t even have to leave your residence or put on genuine pants to check them out or lapse them. Plus, there are no late fees since they’ll be automatically returned once your time is up.

Paper books

n Libraries: Again, duh. Not usually can we check out books, though they mostly have used-book sales. A crony tells me that a South Charleston Library has a used-book section. (Maybe other libraries do too. If we haven’t noticed, we seem to do all we can to equivocate withdrawal my residence to get books.)

n Used books: A lot of people in my book bar buy their books used from Amazon. They’re a lot cheaper, and they’re typically in good condition. If we usually wish to review a book, and aren’t a collector, this is a good approach to go.

Taylor Books also now has a used-book section. That gives we a possibility to check out a book in chairman to make certain it’s not messed adult before we dedicate to shopping it. And you’re ancillary a internal business!

n Yard/garage sales: we know several people who bucket adult on 25-cent books during weekly yard sales. You competence not find something specific you’re looking for, though we can try new genres and authors for flattering cheap.

n Book sell party: I’ve not attended one of these, though this could be fun to do if you’ve got a raise of books you’re looking to get absolved of. Invite your friends over and tell them to move over all of their books they no longer wish and trade away.

n The West Virginia Book Festival: This year a West Virginia Book Festival earnings Oct. 23 and 24.

On Oct. 25, a used-book sale runs from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Books are unchanging cost from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., afterwards during reduced prices from 3:30 to 5 p.m.

I’ve never attended before, though we know my hermit has gotten bags of books there in a past and I’m looking brazen to boring everybody we can with me this year.


n we privately can’t get into audiobooks since we can’t usually lay still and listen. But my best crony is a large fan of Audible. For $14.95 per month, we get one audiobook of your choice, afterwards we can get a 30 percent off bonus on all other audiobooks.

n Amazon: Audible is indeed owned by Amazon, and infrequently when we squeeze an e-book, we have an choice to buy a audio chronicle during a reduced price.

Plus, many books use Whispersync, that means we can go behind and onward between reading and listening to a book though losing your spot.

Other tips and tricks:

If we have favorite author or book publisher, it’s always a good thought to follow them on amicable media. Many times they’ll have giveaways to win giveaway books or have a special where we can download a book for free.

And if you’re a GoodReads member and you’ve got fitness on your side, a website has many book giveaways.


2015 reading idea as of May 31: 64 of 60 books completed.

Reach Leann Ray during, 304-348-4882 or follow @Leann_Ray on Twitter.

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