Book Review: You Suck At Racing

March 29, 2017 - Kindle Unlimited

By Winding Road Staff

March 29, 2017

A patron recently walked into a Austin store and pronounced “I’m doing a lane day subsequent week and we wish to have a concepts in my head. What book do we recommend?” Our customary answer to that doubt is Ultimate Speed Secrets by WRR writer Ross Bentley. It is a text for highway racing technique that we can keep for life and nonetheless it presents a basis utterly clearly.

Still, no apparatus is ideal and ever aware that opposite people have opposite training styles, we recently review You Suck At Racing: A Crash Course For The Novice Driver by Ian Korf. Korf has directed his book during what he believes is a opposite assembly that many of a books on a market. He is aiming during a pristine amateur, since many books assume a expostulate wants to swell toward a veteran career (to some degree). Korf also has in mind a conditions now presented by Chump and LeMons, where we form a racing team, entice your friends and several people uncover adult carrying never driven a competition car. Perhaps it would be good to give them something to review in a days before a race, so that they have some suspicion what they are ostensible to do.

Despite a somewhat opposite aim audience, You Suck At Racing presents many of a critical tools of a customary highway racing curriculum. That’s substantially a good thing in that novices will wish to be means to inverse with associate drivers and some ideas, like apex, threshold braking, route braking, line, lane out and spin figure are during a smallest required common vocabulary.

So, since get this book? We suspicion that Korf’s explanations we flattering transparent and he covers roughly a right element (although there is copiousness that is remaining for a comprehensive novice, yet useful later). Still, Ultimate Speed Secrets and others are also transparent and cover a same material. The apparent disproportion is that Korf’s book is unequivocally short, mostly since a explanations are right-sized and a structure of a book is that of a compendium (A is for Apex, B is for Braking, etc.) so he dispenses with lots of account junction fluff. As a result, You Suck At Racing can be review quickly. That suspicion is amplified if we or your group buddies comprehend that we can make a book down to chapters A, B, C, F, J, and N if we are in a precipitate (e.g. doing a squeeze march before a competition weekend). That’s maybe 30 Kindle pages or 20 book pages, that is flattering brief and sweet.

The other advantage of You Suck At Racing is that a Kindle chronicle is $2.99 (free if we have Kindle Unlimited). A paperback chronicle is $9.99. That’s cheaper than many alternatives, and might be appealing if your teammates don’t unequivocally trust a pretension and are a small rival about their need to learn.

For some-more information on removing started in highway racing, revisit our Guide To Road Racing page.






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