Bestselling Author A.G. Riddle: More Writers Will Do Even Better With E-Books

February 29, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

A.G. Riddle signs Departure.A.G. Riddle signs Departure.

A.G. Riddle signs his latest novel, Departure.

A.G. Riddle speaks with a arrange of peaceful Southern lilt that creates people from that partial of a universe easy to listen to. Apparently, he is easy to examination as well. He’s a 64th author on all of Amazon right now, and he ranks in a tip 10 in 4 opposite e-book genres. He spoke to a Observer over a phone final week about how he has come to know a business of e-books and Kindle-powered literature.

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Mr. Riddle brings a viewpoint of an businessman to this conversation. He has built record associated products and founded companies, that gives him a proceed of looking both during a act of essay and a routine of branch a word processor request into a book that people will cruise buying.

So distant in a Titans of Kindle series, we have oral to one thriller writer, one intrigue writer and one science novella and anticipation writer. Mr. Riddle believes that a partial of his interest is that his books could plausibly tumble into during slightest dual of those genres and leave a third rather interested. With his many new book he has entered a universe of normal publishing, a theme we’ll try in a following.

The North Carolina-raised author was a strike from his unequivocally initial novel, The Atlantis Gene. Though he came out of a box strong, we trust readers following digital book as a business event and carefree writers will be generally meddlesome in what Mr. Riddle expects relocating forward.

The following examination has been edited and condensed:  

I saw that we started some Internet companies early on. What kind of companies did we run?

I went to college in 1998, and apparently a Internet was removing going. we started with a childhood crony a association that was doing program development. We didn’t unequivocally have any ideas of a possess or know what we wanted to do, though we started sophomore year creation some income operative for clients. we stayed in college and graduated in 2002. Then around ’05 and ’06 we saved adult some income and started a array of companies, maybe 10 of them. Eight unequivocally went nowhere.

They were mostly consumer confronting web apps. We finished some income on some personal annals stuff.  Our final association was a arrange of pre-Groupon thing that was one of these sites that finished income though didn’t unequivocally make a universe a improved place. we knew we indispensable to get out. So around 2011, we started to get out and spent a integrate years training about writing.

Big picture: what’s your take on a universe of book right now?

The proceed that I’ve taken, we published my initial novel in Mar 2013. That was for me to exam a marketplace to see if there was an assembly for my work and if it were something we should pursue. we was financially secure and kind of looking for a second pursuit that was unequivocally enchanting for me, creatively, that was an outlet, something that we unequivocally enjoyed and that we suspicion finished a certain disproportion in people’s lives.

So my take on a universe of book is a tiny different. It depends on what we wish out of it. And we consider that’s unequivocally opposite for opposite writers. I consider if we was starting adult and if we had a mother and dual kids (and a debt and one child with braces), we consider my viewpoint on a marketplace competence be a tiny different, and we competence proceed it a tiny different. I always contend to determined writers: we have got to figure out what we wish out of this, so we can conclude success. And don’t let anyone else do it for you.

I theory we would be unequivocally resistant to a suspicion that there is one bound viewpoint and one ubiquitous law about a market.

What was your initial book that unequivocally did well?

The Atlantis Gene.The Atlantis Gene.

Book cover.

The Atlantis Gene. That was my initial one. That novel sole over a million copies. The trilogy customarily crossed 1.9 million. It’s going to sell over dual million in a subsequent month or so. That’s on Amazon and Audible. In unfamiliar markets, we don’t have those numbers, though it’s been published all over a place. we consider there have been eighteen opposite unfamiliar contracts.

Do we have any clarity of what enabled we to moment a public? A blog recommendation? A review?

No. Look, we unequivocally didn’t have a offered devise for this thing. When we put it out we did a cover myself [Note: Not a cover we see above]. My mom who was a former English clergyman edited a thing.

When we put out a book, my partner during a time, now my wife, she put it on Facebook and told all of her friends to examination it. we emailed all a e-book sites. we put it out during $2.99 or $3.99. The initial dual weeks a book didn’t do much.

But, a initial month, we consider it sole like 6,000. Then in Jun it was 26,000. Then after Jul it sole some-more than 30,000 copies by a finish of a year. Then in Dec when a second book came out together they sole over 100,000 copies.

It happened flattering quick, though if we ask me given that book succeeded we consider there’s a few reasons. we consider a biggest reason is quell interest in a Amazon store. People would see that cover, they would see The Atlantis Gene, and that would indicate that this was a book that was about something. we consider during that time there were maybe not as many competing books in that ubiquitous genre of high visualisation science-mystery-thriller thing, and it unequivocally got an audience. From a tiny assembly it got, they unequivocally favourite it, and they told people.

If we ask me what a sorcery regulation is, it’s write something that someone tells their friends about. Whether they favourite it or hated it (I meant we wish they like it), though it needs to cranky this threshold of response, where people are annoyed and excited. A lot of people hated a book. It’s been ripped to shreds, though we consider there were adequate people that favourite it.

I will also customarily supplement that we consider that it was helped a good understanding by being cross-genre. It’s a thriller and sci-fi and there’s adequate intrigue in there for that audience. It’s not a intrigue per se, though a intrigue is not customarily something that’s customarily combined in either. It is a unequivocally vast partial of a story.

‘For me it’s been unequivocally sparkling to be partial of, frankly, given we kind of feel like … you’re inventing a future’

What do we find is a biggest motorist for sales? Sci-fi writer Chris Nuttall put it all on a series of Amazon reviews.

Well, we consider that reviews are huge, though we consider a whole thing is what does a core assembly get out of it? I’ve customarily created 4 books and I’ve been essay now for 4 or 5 years, and that’s a flattering delayed gait compared to a lot of these folks. we consider that readers, no matter what they are paying, each time out they wish a book to cranky this threshold.

Getting people in a doorway we consider is unequivocally important, though it’s when they come out a other side that we consider is a many important. That’s kind of what we concentration on.

You’re engaging given we are actively operative with vital publishers. Departure is published now by Harper Voyager. That’s interesting. How has that been?

So my initial 3 books are a trilogy. Then my fourth is a standalone, Departure. It came out Dec 2014. 

And we did it as an e-book during initial and afterwards it got acquired, is that right? How’s that been?

Departure by A.G. RiddleDeparture by A.G. Riddle

Book cover for a Harper Voyager edition.

That’s right.

You know, we consider it’s okay. we will contend that we never unequivocally worked for anyone. we ran my possess business right out of college and afterwards we was self published, and we was a man in charge, for improved or worse. It’s been an adjustment, though it’s positively been a training knowledge for me.

There is, I’ll say, a contrast.

One of a vast tensions between indies and vital publishers that we’ve been essay about is a disproportion in cost for e-books. What do we consider a right cost indicate is for e-books? What’s your truth on pricing when it’s wholly in your hands?

That is something we didn’t entirely conclude during first. Right now, a proceed we feel, a place I’m in, we put a lot into these books. It’s a lot of days. It’s unequivocally hard. Some days are flattering good, though what we unequivocally wish is for people to examination them. So that’s kind of how we cost them.

So with Departure, it sole about 215,000 copies in 3 months. Then Fox bought a film rights. Then Harper Collins came.

Do we remember what we had it labelled during when it came out?

I consider during $4.99. we consider that’s about right. we consider $3.99 to $5.99 is what we feel gentle charging for my books, though we wouldn’t put that out there as a suspicion or any kind of visualisation for how anyone else prices their books.

And when we contend it feels right, what values are we basing that on? It doesn’t sound like we are vocalization customarily to maximizing profit. So is a partial of what we are factoring in how it feels to cost it during a certain level? Like too low cheapens it?

I consider there is a lot of that. we never finished any of my books free, right? Though we don’t mind if people take them if they can’t means them. we determine with a suspicion that people allot value to a suspicion of price. we consider we can cost too low and harm yourself. And we consider we can cost too high and harm yourself.

I consider that once we get to work, we unequivocally trust in it. Like, my magnitude of success has been: Is this a best book we can produce?

My initial book, if we was essay it again today, there’s a ton of things we would have finished differently, though that was a best book we could furnish behind then. we was unapproachable of it. we consider it’s value $3.99. If we suspicion it was value $1.99, I’d cost it during $1.99. If we suspicion it wasn’t value anything I’d take it down and rewrite it or de-list it.

But we consider when you’re violation into a market—and we consider a psychology has changed—when we initial came out in Mar 2013, people would see a 99-cent book and they weren’t as put off or scared, though we consider that a psychology competence have changed. But I’m not certain about that. we don’t investigate and follow a marketplace as many as other folks.

I consider it’s important, if you’re pricing low, that we do it as an rudimentary price.

You’ve got this email list where we send out beta chapters or drafts. What does carrying beta readers do for you? What eagerness does that scratch?

I have finished it ever given my second book came out. There’s maybe 100 or 150 people on this thing. we customarily send it out about 30 days before a release. What I’m looking for is some kind of vigilance of either I’ve unequivocally screwed a pooch on a thing.

Your beta readers get a whole book?

Yeah. By a time they’ve gotten it. The veteran editors have left by it. The proofreaders have left by it, and 3 alpha readers—retired editors who are doing it for fun. I’m looking for typos or any kind of formatting stuff. Or anything that strikes them as weird.

It’s engaging what 100 opposite people will say. Like, “This confused me” or “This is illogical.” You can learn a lot from reviews, though we learn a ton from beta readers. It can be counterproductive, given we can get too many voices in your conduct observant “You can’t do that” or “You can’t do that.” But we consider right before recover it can be unequivocally helpful.

And what commission of them get behind to you?

Pretty many all of them. So a beta list is closed. we let them know a book is entrance out, what a grounds is and ask them to email me behind if they wish to examination it. 

I tell them that if they are peaceful to leave an honest examination I’d unequivocally conclude it. When a book initial comes out, it’s tough to start from zero. You’ve got some people who will download and examination it that night. They’ll stay adult a whole night to examination it or examination it in a day or two. But still for like a week you’re sitting there with low reviews, so, we consider for non-core fans, they competence wait. 

‘I consider for starved readers who have a habit, we consider they are relocating toward e-books

Can we speak to me about your income streams? How does your income mangle down?

So we customarily tell on Amazon in a U.S., in North America. we always have. I’ve never been published anywhere else. We’ve got Amazon, we’ve got Audible, that has been unequivocally good. We’ve got unfamiliar royalties. So that’s entrance from Asia and Europe and around a world. 

The unfamiliar stuff, is that some publisher that bought a rights to sell a interpretation in those countries?

Exactly. We’ve got a 6 figure understanding for the Atlantis trilogy in Germany. We got a understanding in China that was like $75,000. All these things kind of supplement up, and afterwards we competence get royalties after a advance. So unfamiliar rights have unequivocally been good to us, and afterwards we have film rights. 

We’re perplexing to get some-more into print. One of a things we’ve finished is we’ve printed 62,000 books of a Atlantis trilogy. And so we put them in a room and we’ve been shipping them to Amazon’s warehouses and offered those on Amazon as if we were a publisher. 

Book cover.Book cover.

Book cover.

Does Amazon come to we and demeanour for how they can offer a attention better? Is there give and take between Amazon and a Kindle writers?

They competence customarily be reacting to me, though we was in a web growth business. So, we customarily send them things that we consider of and some of it is substantially crazy. They during slightest amusement me.

They also do beta programs. Everything they do hurl out they exam internally. I’m underneath NDAs [non-disclosure agreements] for all a beta programs, though they are operative on a ton. What’s extraordinary about Amazon is that they are unequivocally committed to innovating and perplexing stuff. we honour a ruin out of that.

For me it’s been unequivocally sparkling to be partial of, frankly, given we kind of feel like we are on a slicing corner of something. Like, in some proceed you’re inventing a future, that is what we unequivocally wanted to do in my Internet startup life, though now I’m partial of something many bigger than anything I’ve built. 

How do we feel like being a partial of this universe is contributing to what we consider is a improved world?

I consider that reading is one of a many healthy things we can do in a life. We live in this universe where all seems to get faster. we consider reading is this event to disconnect, to go into another world, learn and enhance your mind. Even if it’s some finished adult world, like Harry Potter. we consider in tellurian stories are lessons and insights that keep people grounded.

My novels are heavily about scholarship and history. So we’re kind of decoding a universe around us, though we can also be entertained. we consider there’s something unequivocally certain and unequivocally good about that.

And what we consider Amazon is doing is creation reading some-more widely accessible and some-more affordable for some-more people. we meant certain we can go to a library, though it costs we time, it costs we gas. And a preference isn’t always there, and it competence be tough to contend a habit. But for $10 per month with Kindle Unlimited we can get entrance to a ton of books.

I consider it’s positively a many suggestive thing professionally I’ve been a partial of.

What are problems in your business that we are looking for a resolution to?

I consider for writers in general, classification and routine is unequivocally difficult. The dream is customarily of sitting and typing, though there’s a lot that goes on from difference to a book.

So, this is one of a crazier ideas I’ve emailed them. Right now, as a writer, we write a book, though afterwards we sinecure an editor, freelance. Then we sinecure a cover artist, freelance. Then we sinecure a formatter. I’m a formula man so we do my possess formatting given I’m kind of a control freak.

But I’d like to see them do a marketplace of editors (and of artists and formatters) where we can examination my editor, and we can see what books he’s edited. And there’s a marketplace of cover designers and prices, and we can see those covers and how a books performed. 

And I’d adore to see integrated within that a complement to approve people who are beta readers who come in and say, “I adore to examination space adventures” or “I adore paranormal romance.” we consider it’s unequivocally tough to find that for a commencement writer. 

I consider that’s entrance in a future, though we consider Amazon has kind of had bigger fish to fry. I consider we have a best complement for removing detected and violation out that we’ve ever had, though we consider it’s going to get better. 

It seems flattering transparent that many of a authors doing good in this zone are genre novella writers. Are e-books going to get over genre?

I consider it unequivocally has to do with a consumer end. we consider it’s arrange of driven by demand. What you’ve got, in nonfiction in particular, though we suppose that imitation in nonfiction is disproportionately large. 

I consider genre readers are a lot some-more starved and go by a lot some-more content. So a writers who are in these genre markets have seen this outrageous direct in e-books and have shifted over to fill that demand. 

I consider literary novella readers are reduction cost supportive and are some-more maybe prone to buy something in print. It feels like a generalization is correct. Popular novella has still kind of remained normal or mostly a good change with e-books, and we consider a reason is that books like The Help or something we would call literary fiction. When those things start to have a outrageous audience, people who aren’t zealous readers will collect adult a imitation copy.

My wish prolonged tenure is we’ve got some-more people reading books in e-book format. Just for myself, I’m 35 or so now. we find that we like examination TV reduction and we like reading some-more and more. we don’t know if I’m removing some-more tedious or what’s happening. 

I consider it’s a cycle. It starts with a genres, and we consider it can continue on from literary to renouned fiction. I consider for starved readers who have a habit, we consider they are relocating toward e-books

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