Bayou Writer’s Club delves edition during new North Shore meeting

May 24, 2017 - Kindle Unlimited

Goodreads, Createspace, Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Nook, iPlay, Google Play or Kobo? Electronic self-publishing currently is both so easy and so complex.

With augmenting numbers of self-published works fighting to be famous in a rising tsunami of content, one North Shore essay organisation is perplexing to accommodate a plea of separating a pixels from a gigabytes by gripping their members sensitive about a e-Publishing revolution.

The Bayou Writer’s Club recently brought book business guru Sonya Sargent to pronounce to a organisation during Sawasdee Thai Cuisine in Mandeville. Club boss Lisa Herrington, author of “One Starry Night,” “The Beach House” and “Dixieland,” introduced Sargent, who is a author of 9 self-published e-Books. Sargent deals with a business of books as most as essay them, however.

She and father Anthony “Tony” Strong, have e-Published 5 books in a past 17 months. Sargent discussed a Amazon Hot New Releases list during a new meeting. She talked about how Amazon marks book sales of new releases.

The assembly was all ears. The Bayou Writer’s Club meets twice a month, one informational assembly and one organisation essay meeting. “Reading Like a Writer” is a unchanging feature. Members move a good published square of essay and share it with a group.

The assembly with Sargent supposing specific information for bar members wanting to self-publish. Deciding where to spend income and time is important, she said, suggesting an author website and a veteran book.

On an author site, Sargent suggested charity a giveaway book as an inducement in sell for signing adult for a author’s mailing list.

Putting a couple to new releases on a behind of a author’s other books is a good thought and has worked good for Sargent.  

“If we have only finished reading a book by an author and we adore a book and see there is a book on pre-release, a reader will click on it and buy it,” she said.

Sargent also endorsed flourishing a fan bottom and staying in hit with them.

“Ask your publisher to possibly email from their possess finish reader list or to give we a list so that we can email them,” Sargent said.

The assembly was only a square of what a bar does, however. The Bayou Writer’s Club is focused on building authors and improving on their essay skills.

The bar will be hosting a 2017 Workshop Series. The eventuality is free. Writers can contention adult to 4,000 difference regulating 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced lines with 1-inch margins. Writers should pre-edit for spelling and punctuation so a seminar can concentration on content. The monthly seminar will be led by Victor Hess and Dennis Lavoie.

In addition, a Bayou Writer’s Club will be sponsoring organisation essay events for NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month in November.   

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