Audible is vouchsafing users send a giveaway audiobook to anyone they want

May 11, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

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Audible announced Wednesday that users will now be means to share their audiobooks with anyone.

The association announced that subscribers to a Amazon-owned audiobook association will be means to send an total number of audiobooks to others with a apparatus called “Send a Book.” The underline will concede people to send a full duplicate of an audiobook to a chairman of their choice for free. Any particular target will be means to redeem one full pretension for giveaway with an Amazon ID; after that, they will be asked to pointer adult for an Audible giveaway trial. (Amazon arch executive Jeffrey Bezos owns The Washington Post.)

The underline is rather of an anomaly in a new media world, where users mostly have entrance to songs, cinema or books though mostly can’t send an tangible record to friends as one could lend a CD, DVD or earthy book. Audible users, however, buy any pretension in their library, possibly with unchanging credits that come with subscriptions of during slightest $15 per month or by profitable for them outright.

“It’s always been rather graphic in that, from a beginning, subscribers have always been a owners of these titles,” pronounced Donald Katz, Audible’s arch executive and founder.

With this new feature, Katz said, a association wanted to prominence that clarity of tenure in a approach that didn’t harm a people who make their careers from producing audiobooks. Allowing people to redeem an total number of books though paying, for example, wouldn’t be ideal for a industry. But “Send A Book,” he said, strikes a change by vouchsafing subscribers send books to as many people as they want, even if any target can usually redeem one book.

Katz pronounced that he hopes a ability to send books for giveaway will lift serve recognition of audiobooks, quite to those who might not have ever purchased or even listened to an audiobook before.

Audible does not recover subscriber numbers though reported that a users downloaded 1.6 billion hours of audio in 2015. The “Send a Book” underline comes amid a spate of product releases, including “Clips” — a underline that allows Audible subscribers to save, explain and share tiny portions of audiobooks.

The organisation also started a beta module in Apr called “Channels,” that offers participating subscribers a choice to listen to free, total short-form audio identical to podcasts.

Amazon Kindle owners have a identical module that lets them share e-books, though it differs from a Audible module in that usually certain e-book titles are authorised to loan and there is a 14-day time limit.

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