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February 24, 2017 - Kindle Unlimited

Steve Jobs and Apple revolutionised a song attention in 2001 with a iPod and a shining selling aphorism of ‘1,000 songs in your pocket’. Then, in 2007, Amazon revolutionised a approach books were consumed with a launch of Kindle. Like a iPod, one of a USPs of a Kindle was a ability to lift a thousand books in a slim e-book reader. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, had remarkable that a Kindle (1st generation) weighed a sum 10.3 ounces.”That’s reduction than a paperback book,” Bezos had said, “and it uses an ‘electronic ink’ record to impersonate paper, not a mechanism screen.”

Now, in 2017, while earthy books are still going strong, Amazon’s Kindle and a competitors like Kobo and Nook are creation low inroads since of a fundamental advantages involved, including roughly ‘zero shipping time’ and a immeasurable catalog of e-books adult on offer.

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While Amazon and Amazon Kindle have a flourishing participation in India, Durga Raghunath and Chiki Sarkar founded Juggernaut Books in 2015. According to their website, “Juggernaut is a height to find and examination high quality, affordable books (e-books currently) and to contention your writing.” The height now has about 2,000 books and a network of about 1,000 authors, some of whom are first-time authors. YourStory had reached out to Juggernaut Books for additional inputs nonetheless hasn’t listened behind in 3 days. We will refurbish a story if and when we get a response from them.

The categorical concentration of this story, though, is on a end-user knowledge offering by Juggernaut, and how it fares compared to a competitors. Here is this week’s App Friday review:

A screengrab of Juggernaut Books’ website


Apart from personification around with a Juggernaut Books app, we attempted out Amazon’s Kindle app (available on Android and iOS), DailyHunt and Reliance Jio’s JioMag apps (more on this later) to benefit a improved bargain of a digital calm space. The apps were also attempted on dual opposite form factors — a 5.5-inch smartphone and an 8-inch inscription — to get a improved feel of a user experience.

Juggernaut Books

On signing adult for a initial time, users are sensitive that Juggernaut’s USPs include:

  1. Fresh, strange books and undying classics.
  2. Ability to correlate with a author and ask them questions and also examination their book.

While users can crop a collection yet signing in, one has to possibly login by Facebook or email to entrance any of a giveaway books or samples, and also to make a purchase. Users are also requested to name a few genres of books formed on their seductiveness to assistance Juggernaut suggest applicable reads.

Juggernaut’s app has 3 categorical tabs — Home, Categories and Shelf.


This territory includes a ticker during a tip where a few deals and stream affairs-related stories are given primary genuine estate. On scrolling down, users can crop by books formed on categories and also see new releases, tip of a charts, giveaway books and collections, among other options.

On scrolling to a bottom, users can get a bird’s eye perspective of all a genres, curated collections and authors, that now mount during 63, 35 and 1,295, respectively. An in-app gamification underline enclosed is a ‘Authors of a Week’, to emanate a clarity of adversary among authors and also give readers an suspicion of what their peers are reading that week.

In Juggernaut’s outline on Google Play, they also prominence a fact that their network of authors is diverse, trimming from India’s top-selling nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar and former Pakistan Ambassador to a US Husain Haqqani, to TV author Umera Ahmed and Bollywood actresses Rekha and Sunny Leone.


Under this section, users can crop books by 10 categories, and Juggernaut now claims to have about 50 sub-categories, with calm trimming from genres like prolonged fiction, non-fiction, brief stories and intrigue to self-help, fantasy, crime, humour and children’s books.

While not a really distinguished difficulty currently, those meddlesome in a universe of startups and business can find books by Sanjay Anandram,Venture Partner, Seed Fund and Advisor during iSpirt; and Shubhankar Bhattacharya from Kae Capital, as good as from publications like Fortune India and Business Standard.

While all strange books come with a cost tab (excluding some special launch promotions), Juggernaut lets users examination classical works from authors like Arthur Conan Doyle, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens and Jane Austen for free.

‘Digital Shelf’

Akin to a ‘real universe book rack’, users can find all their purchased books organised here, with a many new purchases display adult first. Users can also save their books offline and afterwards mislay them to giveaway adult space once they are finished reading. Users can resume reading from a page they were final at, and a app also displays what commission of a book one has finished reading.(This underline is also accessible on Kindle).

Another engaging underline enclosed is a ability to present books to a crony with a note or send it to them anonymously. Users can now buy a book on Juggernaut by joining their credit cards or Paytm accounts, and on completing a transaction, they will find a book underneath ‘Shelf’.

The reading experience

Users can double daub anywhere on a shade to tweak their reading experience, from changing a credentials to augmenting or dwindling a distance of a font. Swiping right on a shade displays a list of contents, and users can appropriate adult or down to navigate between pages.

The reading knowledge is optimised opposite tiny and vast screens. we found a 5.5-inch shade optimal for short-form calm and elementary discerning reads, nonetheless elite a incomparable 8-inch form cause when it came to longer reads (books listed as dual hours and beyond) with some-more formidable theme material.

Two facilities that stood out for me were:

1. Inbuilt backlinks: Some books had inbuilt backlinks to online publications, permitting readers to click on them and examination for some-more context if needed. This is one area where earthy books lack, with authors finale adult carrying to give some-more context about a subject and in outcome losing abruptness and derailing sight of suspicion for readers. This pain-point is avoided, enabling authors to be some-more frail and stay to a point.

Excerpt from Shubhankar Bhattacharya’s book, “VCs Are from Venus, Entrepreneurs Are from Mars”

2. Ask a author section: Readers can rate and examination books and also poise questions to a author if they have a query. While not all questions competence go answered (I’m still watchful for a response to a doubt acted to Sunny Leone), a ability to bond authors and readers in a open forum is a clear value add.

Juggernaut Books vs. Amazon Kindle vs. others

While Juggernaut Books has a important collection of about 2,000 books, over 1,000 authors and about 100,000 downloads on Android, these numbers are apparently behind a other ‘juggernaut’ in this space – Amazon Kindle, that has Android and iOS apps, in serve to a Kindle e-reader.

Apart from a most wider collection of genres and books, Kindle also enclosed a monthly subscription service, Kindle Unlimited, that lets users clear about one million books. While Juggernaut had announced a intentions to deliver a subscription feature, according to an talk with Livemint in 2016, that underline isn’t live yet.

Juggernaut, though, stands out for a quirky pull notifications, timely brief stories on stream affairs, and curated collections, that embody topics like ‘The best of Indian Business and Tech’ and ‘The bill and you’, as good as some-more weird collections like ‘Office Quickies’ and ‘Bathroom Reads’. Office Quickies aren’t discerning reads for when we are in office, as we had creatively assumed. They ironically come underneath a Not-Safe-For-Work (NSFW) category. Bathroom Reads, meanwhile, was even some-more bizarre. This contained zero associated to potty training or poop in any way, nonetheless rather adore and abnormal stories (I’m still perplexing to know a proof on this one).

While not indispensably in a same space as Juggernaut and Kindle, JioMags, an app from Reliance Jio’s apartment of apps, and DailyHunt are dual other engaging players that are substantially looking to constraint a same user bottom as a former two. JioMags includes digital magazines from a far-reaching operation of categories like stream affairs, entertainment, record and travel. Their whole catalog of calm is now giveaway for Reliance Jio users. DailyHunt, on a other hand, competes with Juggernaut since of their common concentration on micropayments, with books costing as low as Rs 10 on both platforms.


While Amazon Kindle competence have a placement and perfect volume that no new actor can contest with, smaller players like Juggernaut Books have a event to constraint a niche marketplace of highly-engaged users, and also bond both arriving and determined authors to fans and readers on a some-more personal level.

While Amazon competence not remove existent business (who will expected stay on mixed platforms) to Juggernaut completely, it competence remove a ‘crème de la crème’, a rarely intent readers who are on a surveillance for a reading knowledge that isn’t a ‘corporate plain vanilla’ that is now on offer.

While we also can't bonus earthy books, that have a clever following even in today’s tech-savvy edition scene, it is protected to contend that it is now easier for authors to precedence digital platforms to serve raise a strech of their work and benefit readers yet endless on-ground selling efforts.

Website- Juggernaut Books

You can also download it here on Android and iOS 

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