Amazon’s other earthy sell test: A mini bookstore for Kindle ebooks

January 25, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

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It usually takes adult a couple square feet, a tiny fragment of a distance of Amazon’s first genuine bookstore in Seattle, yet a company has been sensitively making another incursion into physical sell — offering particular ebook present cards for sale under a commander module during Bartell Drugs in Washington state.

amazonebooks - 1 (3)The commander was launched in October, in time for a holiday offered season, yet it flew mostly underneath a radar until now. Amazon has prolonged offering ubiquitous present cards in many sell locations, like other digital merchants, yet a pierce to offer cards for specific ebooks is a new pierce for a company.

Details of a 61-store exam were confirmed last week by Nate Hoffelder of The Digital Reader news site, and I found one of the “Kindle eBooks” kiosks tucked between displays of Valentine’s Day candy during my local Bartell Drugs store in Seattle’s Ballard area this weekend.

Perhaps tellingly, even yet a kiosk was well-positioned toward a front of a store, nothing of a 3 employees we spoke with primarily knew what we was articulate about when we asked if they sole particular Kindle ebook present cards. (Initially they told me they didn’t.)

But we finished adult spotting it on my own, and bought a integrate cards to test a service.

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The tip quarrel of a kiosk features cards for three- and six-month Kindle Unlimited memberships, for $29.99 and $49.99 each. Below those are cards featuring a covers of 20 particular ebooks, best-sellers across both novella and nonfiction, trimming from “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” to Dan Brown’s “Inferno” and “The Martian” by Andy Weir.

On a behind of any ebook label is a quote from an Amazon patron examination and a outline of a book, along with an area for essay a summary to a target and instructions for saving a book by scratching off a explain formula and going to a dedicated Amazon url to enter it.

Purchasing a label during a Bartell Drugs register automatically activates it for use, as with a standard gift card.

Here’s a many engaging part: Any of a cards can also be treated as a unchanging Amazon present card, if your gift recipient doesn’t like the book we chose for them, or already owns the pretension we picked. In other words, it offers a personalization of a hand-picked present with the coherence of a regular gift label — another instance of Amazon consistent a best of earthy and digital retail.

The label promises that you’ll always get “the lowest online price, and a balance.” For example, we purchased a label for “The Martian” for $14.99 during a store, yet a cost online was $8.99, and when we redeemed a book, a difference was automatically combined to my present label balance.


After determining that we unequivocally didn’t wish a 3-month Kindle Unlimited membership (I formerly tested a subscription use and found that we didn’t use it as most as we planned) we was means to supplement a whole $29.99 change from that label to my present label balance. Everything worked smoothly.

This is a latest instance of Amazon contrast out new initiatives in earthy retail, yet as remarkable by a Digital Reader’s Hoffelder, a association is not a initial to try this concept. Most other e-book sellers who’ve left down this path haven’t seen most success.

Whether it turns out to be inestimable for Amazon stays to be seen. Even during a checkout process, a concept was clearly a newness to a Bartell Drugs employees during my internal store, maybe indicating that they haven’t been offered a lot given a Oct launch.

We’ve contacted Amazon for some-more sum on a pilot, and to see if it will be stretched to additional stores and regions.

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