Amazon’s New Physical Retail Foray: Kindle Cards

January 26, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

EReaders don’t nonetheless have a singular widespread device like iPods were to MP3 players, yet Amazon’s Kindle line competence be a closest thing. Now, Amazon is perplexing to give a eReader of choice a leg-up in an unknown market: brick-and-mortar stores.

Never one to exam a borders of online and offline commerce, Amazon has begun using pop-up kiosks for Kindle eBooks in preference stores around a Seattle area, GeekWire reported. The kiosks enclose present cards for both particular Kindle titles and three- and six-month subscriptions to Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited module that offers members entrance to Amazon’s whole digital library with no restrictions for a generation of a subscription.

While GeekWire reliable that a Kindle present cards work as advertised, a supports also work seamlessly opposite Amazon’s platforms if consumers change their minds — after canceling a $29.99 Kindle Unlimited subscription, a GeekWire source was means to send that volume over to a present label for use on particular titles.

The Kindle kiosks are during 61 stores around a Seattle area, yet a eCommerce hulk expelled no central matter on a module or either it competence be stretched in a future. An unnamed Amazon central told The Digital Reader that a kiosks had been adult and using in Seattle-area drugstores given Oct. 2015, yet it would seem that they haven’t perceived most media bearing until now. The central also explained that a graphic titles are culled from a rotating list of bestselling eBooks on a categorical Kindle site.

The kiosks represented a accordant bid by Amazon to build some-more of a earthy footprint for a code over a final several months. While a physical bookstore experiment competence have lifted some-more eyebrows than it did sales, a stripped-down chronicle that offers present cards for Kindle books instead competence fit in improved with customers’ ideas of what Amazon should be.

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