Amazon Underground has 3 times as many Android apps than ever before

November 11, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited


Amazon has been personification around with a flattering enchanting business indication lately, and their use of it involving Android apps has seen a 300% expansion given a inception.

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The thought is simple. Creators should get paid in suit to a volume of time a consumer engages a artistic content. Amazon initial came adult with a thought when crowds of writers with cartoonish dollar signs in their eyes flooded a Kindle self-publication height with an harsh waves of werewolf erotica.

For years, Amazon had been perplexing to settle itself as a critical edition operation, though expelling a normal gatekeepers of announcement had some astonishing results. Suddenly, a veteran writers they wanted to showcase had to dog paddle in a sea of feeble created lupine lust hocked during $2.99 a pop. Something had to be done.


Amazon solved their problem by introducing Kindle Unlimited, an intriguing system that pays a author for how many pages a reader reads of their book. The werewolf erotica economy, that banked on titillated readers forking over money in sell for a few fast review pages of drivel, unexpected collapsed. Now a people who began profiting were creators who constructed well-crafted, enchanting essay that found and confirmed an audience.

As an encore, Amazon incited their courtesy to their Free App of a Day program, a complement that supposing a opposite paid app giveaway of assign any day to Amazon device owners. They motionless to reinstate Free App of a Day with Amazon Underground, a complement really identical to Kindle Unlimited that pays developers formed on a series of mins users stay intent with a app. Amazon Underground launched with a preference of paid Android apps (which Amazon device owners can entrance for free), and as of this week a distance of that preference has tripled.


Hypothetically with this indication in place, developers who emanate enchanting and useful apps will be paid good by Amazon, and a developers who emanate whatever a app-equivalent of werewolf erotica is will get left out in a cold.

It’s such a new remuneration indication that there’s no pledge how good this will play out for developers. However, if you’ve got an Amazon device and a Amazon Underground store, it’s a win-win for you. More paid Android apps than ever are accessible to we for free. Might as good check ‘em out.

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