Amazon Student UK: What is it and can it save me money? All your questions answered forward of Fresher’s Week 2017

August 13, 2017 - Kindle Unlimited

Online sell hulk Amazon is charity a Prime subscription height giveaway for all students for 6 months.

Amazon Student offers those in full time preparation total one-day delivery, 10% off books, total present streaming of around 15,000 films, as good as entrance to renouned TV shows but carrying to compensate a BBC Licence Fee. There’s even entrance to over a million songs around a platform’s song library.

Prospective students can evasion a annual price (of £39 a year) by Amazon Student’s six-month giveaway trial, that we can cancel hassle-free after a nominal duration to equivocate profitable up. You can find out some-more on a Amazon Student website.

What freebies will we get?

Woman selecting a book from a shelf in a library

Books, e-books, and total movies, TV shows and song access
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Unlimited one-day home smoothness on your Amazon purchases (UK only), 10% off books all year round, total entrance to a million-ish songs ad-free, total present streaming of around 15,000 titles with Prime Video and one excite book to steal any month from a Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

In addition, offers now accessible for Amazon Student members include:

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If we cancel after a giveaway 6 month duration – will we be charged?

No, Amazon states we can suffer a Prime Student facilities giveaway of assign for adult to six-months.

Just remember to cancel your subscription before a 6-month tenure ends to equivocate it automatically charging we a annual membership fee.

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What sum will we be asked to provide?

When we pointer up, Amazon will ask we to yield a following:

  • Your establishment email residence (ends in

  • Expected graduation date

  • Academic level

  • Subject

  • Payment sum (although we won’t be charged until after a 6 months).