Amazon Prime: 5 Facts to Know About Amazon Prime

July 28, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

Amazon PrimeAmazon Prime is a favorite not only for online shoppers, though also for, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) batch investors. When we have total two-day shipping on scarcely each object we need, because emporium on any other e-commerce web site? Better yet, because go out to earthy stores anymore?

Here are 5 contribution we need to know about “Amazon Prime.” The final one will even uncover we how to get a month or dual of your Amazon Prime membership for free—and I’m not articulate about a 30-day giveaway trial.

1. Amazon Prime Is Packed with Perks

One of a reasons because Amazon Prime memberships are so renouned is a perfect series of perks they offer. Who would have suspicion that by signing adult for an online selling membership, we could also get a giveaway total on-demand video streaming service?

Right now, if we pointer adult for Amazon Prime in a U.S., we would get giveaway two-day shipping, total cinema and TV shows from Prime Video, total song streaming, over a million eBooks, total print storage, and same-day smoothness in authorised areas. All that costs only $99.00 a year.

2. There Is a Prime Day

For Amazon Prime members, there is an annual eventuality called “Prime Day.” On that day, Prime members can emporium tens of thousands of deals opposite scarcely each difficulty on Amazon. The association only had a second annual Prime Day and it was a outrageous success.

On this year’s Prime Day, patron orders surpassed final year’s by some-more than 60% worldwide and some-more than 50% in a U.S. The eventuality also noted a biggest sales day ever for Amazon’s possess devices, including “Fire TV,” “Fire” tablets, “Kindle” e-readers, and “Alexa”-enabled connected devices. (Source: “Amazon’s Prime Day Is a Biggest Day Ever,”, Inc., Jul 13, 2016.)

3. Amazon Prime Members Spend More

With all these perks, it shouldn’t be a warn that online shoppers embraced Amazon Prime membership. But did we know that Amazon Prime members also tend to spend some-more on Amazon?

According to Statista’s many recently totalled survey, that was conducted in Jun 2016, Amazon Prime members in a U.S. spent an normal of $1,200 on Amazon each year. This compares to $500.00 of spending on Amazon from non-Prime members in a U.S. (Source: “Average Annual Amount Spent on Amazon According to U.S. Amazon Prime and non-Prime Members as Jun 2016,” Statista, final accessed Jul 26, 2016.)

4. Amazon Prime Has Tens of Millions of Members

Amazon does not recover a accurate numbers of a Prime userbase. However, behind in Dec 2013, a association pronounced that it had “tens of millions of members worldwide” during a time. (Source: “Record-Setting Holiday Season for Amazon Prime,”, Inc., Dec 25, 2013.)

Fast-forwarding to 2016, Amazon Prime membership should expected have grown utterly a bit. A news from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners estimates that in a U.S., Amazon Prime membership jumped 35% final year to 54 million. Since few households have mixed Prime memberships, this could meant that around 46% of all U.S. households have during slightest one member. (Source: “Amazon Prime Now Reaches Nearly Half of U.S. Households,” CNN Money, Jan 26, 2016.)

5. Get One Extra Month of Amazon Prime Membership for Free

Remember a final time we bought something on Amazon and it didn’t arrive on a “guaranteed smoothness date?” Well, that could give we one additional month of your Amazon Prime membership for free.

If we are an Amazon Prime member and a betrothed smoothness date isn’t met, we might be authorised for a giveaway one-month prolongation of your Prime membership. However, it won’t occur automatically. You have to ask Amazon’s patron use for a extension. Prime extensions are singular to 12 for an annual membership. (Source: “Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery Fine Print,”, Inc., final accessed Jul 26, 2016.)

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