Amazon Kindle vs Scribd: eBook subscription models compared

September 17, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited

E-books have been renouned simply since people like a preference of being means to review them on their phones, tablets and readers while traveling, during their lunch mangle or even before descending asleep, and don’t have to lift earthy books. The library of e-books has been large on services such as Amazon’s Kindle, Scribd, Kobo, Nook and Google’s Play Books.

Now, Amazon has launched a subscription use for Kindle users in India, where during a bound monthly cost, users review from a collection over 600,000 books.

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Incidentally, another e-book use called Scribd was already charity a subscription use in India. We take a demeanour during how a dual compare.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited

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Kindle Unlimited offers Kindle readers entrance to 600,000 books though carrying to buy even one of them. For this, Amazon charges a monthly subscription price of Rs.199 (at present, there is a singular time offer that charges a ignored let of Rs.99 per month). In terms of a cost, Kindle Unlimited costs reduction than Scribd, though we feel that a former’s collection of books accessible for users in India is not as considerable as what they offer in a US and several European countries. While we will get to review Gone Girl and a whole Harry Potter series, many of a other titles aren’t exciting. We couldn’t find a Scion of Ikshvaku by Amish, that incidentally is accessible as a apart squeeze on a Kindle store.

However, a biggest corner that Kindle Unlimited has over Scribd is that it works seamlessly opposite all Kindle apps and devices. Though a interface is purify and uncluttered, it is flattering basic—some of a images used in a book cover demeanour blurry, though that isn’t a understanding breaker. Amazon has a lot of work to do with Kindle Unlimited in India, and they can start by bringing in some-more publishers, new books and audio books.


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The singular bit about Scribd is that it began with a subscription-only model. It charges about Rs.624 per month and gives we total entrance to 400,000 e-books, 50,000 audio books, and also comics on both mobile and desktop. Also, there is a outrageous smoke-stack of literary investigate papers on Scribd, mostly uploaded by users. It’s not as good organized as a ebooks and other categories though they can be unequivocally profitable to some users.

It has a bustling though smartly tabulated interface—your stream reading list shows on top, followed by new books and several other categories curated for readers according to their reading habits. For instance, if we are reading a book by Ernest Hemingway, a homepage will uncover a difficulty on books by Hemingway with a whole collection of a writer’s work on a store. Searching for books is as most fun as reading them. Every book has a tiny mention followed by reviews from other readers.

However, when it comes to new launches it’s no improved than Kindle Unlimited, though we like it as it has a good collection of singular books, that are not accessible on Kindle Unlimited, like Up a Down Staircase by Bel Kaufman, published in 1964. It is a novel about life in open schools in US in a 60s. The story is told by letters created by a immature clergyman to her friend, memos filed by her and conversations between students and a teacher.

Scribd carries books from all heading publishers such as Penguin, Harper Collins, Macmillan. Their subscription is a bit costlier than Amazon, though a collection, accumulation and display gives it an corner over Kindle Unlimited.

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