Amazon Kindle Voyage Review: The Rolls-Royce of Ebook Readers

April 9, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited

Amazon has dominated a comparatively niche universe of ebook readers interjection to plain hardware and by charity a bigger, improved library than everybody else. The word Kindle has been synonymous with affordable hardware that’s doubtful to measure high on design. Given this background, a launch of a ‘premium’ Kindle Voyage was a bit of a surprise. Is a Voyage unequivocally a best Kindle compartment date? Let’s find out.

Build and design
The initial thing we notice about a Kindle Voyage is how skinny and light it is. Compared to a Paperwhite, it’s easier to reason a Voyage with one hand, and people with medium-to-large-sized hands will be means to get their fingers all a approach opposite a Kindle and still have a secure grip. Of course, we are some-more expected to reason it from one of a bottom edges – left or right – and a new Kindle is light adequate that doing so even for prolonged durations is doubtful to means any discomfort.

Kindle lineupFrom left-to-right: The simple Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite (2013), and Kindle Voyage; all during full brightness.

The Kindle Voyage comes with a energy symbol during a back, while Paperwhite has it during a bottom. If we use a cover with your Kindle, this change is doubtful to make most disproportion to your life given a ebook reader turns itself on or off as we open or tighten a cover. Others, however, will acquire this change, as a new position is positively easier to access.

The Voyage is built out of reward plastic, and has a unequivocally good feel overall. However, a behind – that is sloped tighten to a left and right edges, evidently to make it easier to reason with one palm – is some-more disposed to smudges than a predecessor.

Kindle Voyage back

Display and performance
Let’s get this out of a approach – we didn’t unequivocally have any complaints about a Kindle Paperwhite – until a Kindle Voyage showed up. Not usually is a device lighter and easier to hold, there are large improvements in a arrangement as well. The Kindle Voyage comes with a brighter 300PPI display, that means a content is crook and a disproportion between a Voyage and Paperwhite is generally transparent when we reason a dual e-book readers side-by-side.

Kindle Voyage, Paperwhite content zoomedUp tighten with a Kindle Voyage (top) and Paperwhite (below a black line)

The Voyage comes with an ambient light sensor – a initial in a Kindle ebook reader – that means a device can automatically adjust a liughtness of your arrangement as a ambient lighting conditions change. It also has a Nightlight underline – incited off by default – that gradually reduces a shade liughtness over time as your eyes adjust to a dark.

Kindle Voyage also comes with PagePress, that seems like a gimmick during first, nonetheless is surprisingly useful. The bottom partial of a bezel to a left and right of a arrangement has a tiny line, and a tip partial has a dot. When we are reading a book, we can daub nearby a line on possibly side to go to a subsequent page or daub nearby a dot to go to prior page.

You can of march still flip pages by drumming on a left or right corner of a shade nonetheless PagePress is useful when you’re holding a Kindle in one palm and wish to go to a prior or subsequent page but carrying to strech all a approach to a other side of a screen.

PagePress also provides feedback by kindly moving partial of a Kindle. You can we can set a turn of feedback we get to low, medium, or high; with a latter endorsed for when we are regulating a Kindle inside a cover. You can also customise a volume of vigour compulsory to trigger PagePress.

In terms of software, a Kindle Voyage is flattering identical to a Paperwhite, nonetheless Amazon is touting some new features. Chief among these is Family Library, that allows family members to share ebooks with any other. Unfortunately, this isn’t accessible nonetheless and will be rolled out around a program update. It’s not transparent if a underline will be accessible in India, given services like Kindle Unlimited are limited to specific regions.

Rest of a facilities sojourn flattering identical to a Paperwhite, and if we are shopping your initial Kindle, we should also review a review of a Kindle Paperwhite (2013).

Kindle Voyage in splendid sunlightKindle Voyage in splendid sunlight

The Kindle Voyage is labelled during Rs. 16,499 for a Wi-Fi various and Rs. 20,499 for a 3G variant, that is a lot of income to compensate for an ebook reader. While it’s a poignant alleviation over a Paperwhite, Amazon’s prior flagship ebook reader is still a good device that we wouldn’t mind unresolved on to for some some-more time. Since a earthy measure of a device are different, you’ll also have to deposit in new accessories like covers.

Having pronounced that, there’s no doubt that a Kindle Voyage is a best ebook reader compartment date, and if we have a income to spare, this is really a Kindle we should get. For everybody else, a Paperwhite will do usually fine.

Kindle Voyage (Wi-Fi only) – Rs. 16,499
Kindle Voyage 3G – Rs. 20,499
Amazon Protective Cover for Kindle Voyage – Rs. 2,999
Amazon Protective Leather Cover for Kindle Voyage – Rs. 3,999

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