Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review: The PERFECT Christmas Gift

November 21, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

Amazon’s Kindle e-reader is flattering aged these days, carrying been around –– in one form or a other –– for a best partial of 7 years (the initial indication launched in 2007). Over a years, Amazon has polished a design, softened a display, and combined in things like touchscreen-capabilities while all a while ensuring glorious battery life and a perfect, lightweight form factor. 

The finish outcome of this routine is rather identical to what happened in a unstable song actor marketplace years ago: Amazon’s Kindle brand, like Apple’s iPod, became synonymous with a eReader. Amazon cornered a marketplace and built simply a biggest and many entirely packaged marketplace for digital books. Hell, it even done a few millionaires along a approach by vouchsafing authors self-publish — authors like Andy Weir who wrote The Martian that was of march done into a film by Ridley Scott and stared zero other than Mat Damon.

“Having been rebuffed by literary agents when perplexing to get before books published, Weir motionless to put a book online in sequence format one section during a time for giveaway during his website,” records Weir’s Wikipedia Page. “At a ask of fans, he done an Amazon Kindle chronicle accessible during 99 cents (the smallest he could set a price). The Kindle book rose to a tip of Amazon’s list of best-selling science-fiction titles, where it sole 35,000 copies in 3 months, some-more than had been formerly downloaded free. This garnered a courtesy of publishers: Podium Publishing, an audiobook publisher, sealed for a audiobook rights in Jan 2013. Weir sole a imitation rights to Crown in Mar 2013 for over US$100,000.”

Next to my smartphone, my Kindle Paperwhite is my many used square of technology. we use it any day for hours on end. And vital in London, where space is during a premium, a Kindle unequivocally is a godsend since books take adult room. If, like me, we already have a lot of books and space is singular a final thing we wish to do is stop reading since your shelves can no longer take a strain. 

I still buy books, of course, usually no longer during a magnitude we once did and a reason for this is a Kindle. Although we will admit, as a fan of earthy books, we have done a understanding with myself: once we am a homeowner and not renting, we will squeeze earthy copies of all my Kindle titles and emanate a mega-library, finish with mini-bar and an collection of smoking jackets. This is my approach of traffic with a unhappiness of not physically owning a book we unequivocally love. You competence be different, however, and some-more during assent with no longer owning earthy copies of books and usually consider I’m a bit weird.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review: Design

Lightweight. Perfectly matched for one-handed use. Slim. Nice to demeanour at. Well proportioned. There are so many things to adore about a Kindle Paperwhite, though maybe a many critical aspect of a device is a lightweight nature, that allows for easy ride anywhere. 

kindle-paperlight-ereader-front-540x334.jpg?itok=dUkH_oZG" rel="lightbox[][]">

The Kindle Paperwhite is about a same distance as a paperback, nonetheless a lot slimmer, and it weighs usually 209g. The behind row is done from a soft-touch element that extends around onto a front facia of a device. Amazon has kept a bezel around a arrangement far-reaching adequate to accommodate fingers and thumbs so we never incidentally hold a arrangement when reading.

The Kindle Paperwhite does not underline a headphone jack or inner speaker, definition audiobooks and song playback are large no-nos. Older Kindle models do underline headphone jacks and speakers, however, nonetheless these products pre-date Amazon’s some-more new pull into a mobile space with phones and tablets that contest directly with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms. Basically, if one reads between a lines, a Kindle Paperwhite has one duty in Amazon’s eyes – READING. If we wish something like audio books and music, well, you’re softened off with a Kindle Fire HDX or Fire Phone.  

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review: Display 

Displays are critical on mobile devices. But with things like an ereader they’re even some-more critical since a whole indicate of a device is to reinstate your paper books, and this will usually occur if a knowledge of reading on something like a Paperwhite is as good –– if not softened –– than a genuine thing.

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Thankfully a 6in e-ink arrangement on a Kindle Paperwhite is one of a best in a business and, interjection to a backlight settings, is indeed preferable to a genuine thing in certain settings, as we can use it in a dark, creation it an ideal night-flight messenger or when you’re in bed with a partner and they wish a lights out.

Amazon calls a arrangement record Carta, and while specs for this record are flattering skinny on a belligerent –– Amazon, for some reason, is really tight-lipped about it –– it matters small since a altogether reading knowledge aboard a Kindle Paperwhite is exceptional. Amazon has softened contrariety compared to prior versions, definition calm and images seem some-more defined, and a company’s engineers have sorted out a backlight too, that is now some-more consistent, even on full-power.

Basically, if you’re after an e-reader this Christmas and wish a best, a Kindle Paperwhite is a one to go for. There are copiousness of other options, of course, many of that have lots of imagination bells and whistles –– and that’s fine, choice is good. But, if we wish something that is elementary to use, facilities an glorious display, and grants we entrance to a biggest eBook repository on a planet, afterwards a Kindle Paperwhite is a one for you.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review: Ecosystem

When it comes to ebooks, Amazon has copiousness –– somewhere in a segment of 2.5 million, to be exact. In a 5 years I’ve been regulating a Kindle there have been dual instances when we couldn’t find a novel we was looking for inside a Kindle Store. To contend a Kindle Store has many renouned titles would be an understatement, as it not usually has renouned new calm though also copiousness of older, some-more problematic titles as good as copiousness –– read: thousands –– of giveaway eBooks to select from.

Then there’s initiatives like Kindle Unlimited –– basically, Spotify for Kindle titles –– and Amazon Prime membership, that grants we entrance to a Kindle Lending Library, where we can, as a name suggests, steal eBooks for a bound tenure for positively zero (save for a cost of your Prime membership).

Kindle Unlimited will yield any patron with entrance to 650,000 eBooks and thousands of audiobooks all for a bound of £7.99 or $9.99 a month. You’ll be means to entrance a use by an Amazon Kindle or any device that can support a Kindle app. Those embody iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and some desktop mechanism services.

Jorrit Van der Meulen, clamp boss during Kindle EU, said: “With Kindle Unlimited, we never have to consider twice about what book we wish to review or listen to.

“With total entrance to hundreds of thousands of titles, Kindle Unlimited offers by distant a simplest and many cost-effective approach to try and learn e-books and audiobooks together, and we can even switch from reading to listening though losing your place. Our US business have shown us how many they adore a event to learn new authors and genres, and now we’re gay to offer a same leisure to a business in a UK.” 

With honour to eBook pricing, things vary: we can collect adult things for free, for £0.99p or for £4.99. we usually finished a new Stephen King novel, Revival, that we bought on a day it came out for £5.99. A lot of classical titles, now out of copyright, are giveaway and we can collect adult complicated classics like H.G. Wells’ The War of The Worlds for £2.68.

Basically, if we go a Amazon track you’ll never be brief of things to read. As we mentioned earlier, we get by about 5 to 6 books a month and, in 5 and a bit years, I’ve usually been left out in a cold twice by Amazon’s Kindle store. And both instances were books created by comparatively different authors.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review: Battery

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite’s battery is INSANE. we use cave bland for about dual to 3 hours and usually have to assign it entirely once a month –– sometimes not even as frequently than this. It usually keeps on going and going and going. we know a lot of people that assign their’s everyday, like a smartphone. You are giveaway to do this, of course, though it’s not necessary. The Kindle Paperwhite will final weeks on finish from a singular charge. And after a year of use I’ve nonetheless to see any lassitude in battery performance.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review: Verdict 

Amazon’s Kindle lines of e-readers, like iPods, are kind of synonymous with a whole e-reader concept. Most people consider of an eBook and automatically consider of Kindle, that’s usually a approach it is. Amazon knows this, too, and has consistently updated a pattern of a e-reader device in sequence to urge a altogether reading experience. Ditto for a ever-expanding Kindle services. 

Amazon has a whole e-reader thing down to a glorious art. Nobody else comes close, and this is because many critical e-readers have a Kindle over something from Sony, BN or Kobo. 

And a comprehensive best thing about Amazon’s Paperwhite Kindle? Simple: it costs usually £59.99.

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