Amazon Kindle Oasis: E-reader for a one percent

May 24, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited


The author, during his Florida Oasis.

In a final dual weeks, I’ve flown behind and onward between Florida and a Pacific Northwest, with a Kindle Oasis as my categorical source of in-flight entertainment.

That kind of transport is adequate to strike a ruin out of you. Not surprisingly, it did. So we spent a few days convalescing in an Orlando hotel room with one of a misfortune colds I’ve ever had. A lot of bed rest, and in-between, a lot of reading. I’m still perplexing to redeem from it.

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With that many hours spent between sitting on your back in a close aircraft (no initial category upgrades for me this trip, unfortunately) and fibbing on your side feeling contemptible for yourself, we start to conclude a volume of suspicion and pattern considerations Amazon put into this device.

I’ve already created during length about a aim demographic Amazon chose to pattern a reader for during a $290+ cost point. Duh, it’s people with lots of disposable income. But why?

I mean, because pattern a product for such a singular aim audience? Are there that many C-seats that wish a $290+ executive Kindle? Does it clear a growth cost and all else that comes with it to move a product like that to market?

Why not only urge a existent Voyage? Isn’t $200 already vast adequate for a single-tasking device?

Nobody needs an ultra-lightweight, ultra-compact, ultra-long battery life and ultra-reduced eyestrain Kindle. But if you’re a critical reader, trust me, we want one.

Sure, a Paperwhite is some-more than good enough. The Voyage is that many better. No executive sitting subsequent to we on an aeroplane is going to consider you’re riff-raff in Business Class for regulating one of those.

That goes even if you’re reading a crappy pap Sci-Fi novel from Kindle Unlimited instead of some heady business book created by a Wall Street or genuine estate tycoon. Nobody can tell, trust me.

But man, if they see we with an Oasis? You must be somebody important. You are a dude with means. With gravitas. People are going to ask we about it, and who we are. And they do.

And we consider that is a constant purpose of a Kindle Oasis. It’s an e-reader to be seen regulating only as many as it is to be a ultimate e-reader to use.

CNET Review: Kindle Oasis is best e-reader ever, yet a sky-high cost hurts a appeal

I don’t see this as any opposite from owning some exclusive, singular book sports automobile or a high-end ultralight laptop, or a super-expensive inscription mechanism when a reduction costly indication would suffice.

Do many people unequivocally use a full capabilities of those things? Nope. Are they super-prestigious to own? Yes they are.

Now let’s consider about that for a moment. “Prestige” and “Kindle” are dual difference that unequivocally aren’t frequently compared with any other. Neither is “Prestige” and “Amazon”. Sure, we consider about Amazon as being rarely customer-focused, maybe innovative, a master of logistics even, yet prestigious?

Look, we spend adequate time in Bellevue, Washington, and we get to know a psychology and sourroundings that creates these Pacific Northwest, larger Seattle-area record types.

I’ve been to a Shops during The Bravern and seen a Microsoft and Amazon people who revisit a high-end stores and eat during a internal excellent dining restaurants.

These people have some serious disposable income. we consider we saw some-more Tesla Model S P90Ds and Porsche 911 GT3 RSes than we did in my whole life final week.

Given Amazon’s majority and a wealth, and a sourroundings in that these people exist, it’s healthy that a association wants to develop and emanate products that fit that lifestyle.

It’s a accurate form of sourroundings that fosters a things that gets done during Apple — solely instead of pleasing balmy Silicon Valley weather, Seattle is murky and miserable yet has improved coffee.

And when a continue is crappy, as it mostly is 9 months out of a year — as someone with that kind of disposable income, when we have giveaway time, we revisit coffee shops, buy $5 lattes, and lay down and review books on your $300 Kindle.

There is some-more to only self-centredness in a Kindle Oasis, though. It’s a approach for Amazon to take some risks with record during reduced prolongation volume and constraint a constant high-end market, while during a same time regulating it as a test-bed for lower-end products entrance down a pike.

Technology adoption is only that. Test-beds. Your early adopters are a ones that are going to take a cost hit. It was a same for a strange Kindle that came out in 2007 that cost $400.

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In 2007 a Kindle was frivolously costly technology. It done no sense. It was stupid. we pronounced as much, many times over a final 8 years or so.

But a economics of volume prolongation of a record eventually won out, and now you can buy a reader device from Amazon for $79.99, infrequently even reduction when they are using promotions.

If we wish a same 300dpi backlit shade record that is in a Oasis, we can get it for $119 with a Kindle Paperwhite, that is substantially a best value in e-reader inclination right now. I’ve seen it on-sale intermittently for as inexpensive as $99.

No, these inclination aren’t a Oasis. They aren’t as light, they aren’t as compact, they don’t have as many battery life and a shade enlightenment isn’t as ideally even. But my indicate is that but early adopters to spend income on inclination like that, those innovations don’t drip down to a normal consumer.

This is also how Apple works, and this is how all record creation works, ultimately.

So a same people who can means to expostulate a $120,000 Teslas, who emporium during a Gucci store during The Bravern, and who eat $70 steaks during Daniel’s Broiler — these people are shopping a $300 Kindles. And that’s OK.

Because that’s how $20,000 electric cars and $30 e-readers are made. Let a abounding people take a strike first.

Is Amazon’s creation cycle financed by a one percent? Talk Back and Let Me Know.

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