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October 30, 2014 - Kindle Unlimited

Amazon’s new product proclamation enclosed a first tablet only for children, a Fire HD Kids Edition. This customary 6- or 7-inch Fire HD inscription comes with dual extras that should give relatives some assent of mind: a imperishable box and a two-year “worry free” guarantee. If a inscription stops operative for any reason, Amazon will reinstate it. The Kids Edition also includes a giveaway year of FreeTime Unlimited (after that, $2.99 to $4.99 a month with Amazon Prime membership), that provides entrance to some-more than 5,000 books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games geared to kids 3 to 10 years old. 

Amazon has charity FreeTime on a Kindle Fire HD tablets for a integrate of years. It’s a underline of a Fire OS that lets relatives emanate adult to 4 profiles on one inscription and control a calm that’s accessible and use times for any profile. So a company’s not charity many that’s opposite from customary models, over a additional protection—but we consider many relatives will conclude it.

This inscription for kids goes for $150 for a 6-inch version, and $190 for a 7-inch. That’s $50 some-more than their unchanging Kindle Fire HD6 and HD7 counterparts, though not out of line with competing child tablets, that can cost adult to $250. And intensity buyers might find their perceptions altered about what constitutes a inscription for kids, which, for a many part, have been reduction worldly or absolute than “grown-up” tablets.

We bought a Fire HD Kids Edition as shortly as it was available. We’ll be putting it by a inscription lab tests soon, though here are a initial impressions.

Getting started

Make no mistake: This is a genuine tablet. Inside is a quad-core processor and 8GB of storage, and it facilities a crisp, clear HD hold shade (either 6 or 7 inches) and front- and rear-facing cameras. Amazon promises adult to 8 hours of battery life.

We found setup to be sincerely simple. Charge a tablet, afterwards register it. You start with formulating your possess profile, and we can afterwards set adult profiles for any child who’ll be regulating it. Enter a name, sex, and birthday, and name possibly Amazon FreeTime (recommended for children 8 and younger) or Teen Profiles (counterintuitively, for kids 9 and older). You can supplement a print if we choose.

With FreeTime, you’re asked to “Share your library with [kid’s name].” That lets we name book titles for a child from those we already own—that is, if we already have an Amazon account. You afterwards set adult daily time goals and limits: Bedtime (hours during that a inscription can’t be used) and Educational Goals (the volume of time reading books, examination videos, and regulating apps). You can also name a Learn First option, that lets relatives “Block party calm until all daily educational goals are met.” Tough love!

Setting adult a Teen Profile was a identical process. Make certain to set adult particular screen-lock passwords for any form so younger kids can’t get into comparison kids’ profiles.

Check a reviews of tablets for kids, and a buying beam and Ratings for tablets.

Using a tablet

As we enter a child’s form screen, we can corkscrew by and name books, videos, apps from those you’ve combined as good as a immeasurable library Amazon offers. You can also filter by characters: Choose from, say, Disney, PBS Kids, Dr. Seuss, dinosaurs, or horses and ponies, and all topic-related calm appears.

When we initial daub on a book, app, or video icon, give it time to download to a tablet. There’s no denote that’s what is happening, though you’ll be means open it within a few moments, depending on how vast it is.

If you’ve never used an Amazon Kindle inscription before, we suggest that we take a bit of time to learn how to use it. Swipe down from your possess homepage and click on Settings, Help, and afterwards User Guide. You’ll get tips on how to navigate—it isn’t always obvious, generally when you’re inside a book, video, or app—and how to supplement calm to your several profiles. You’ll also find simple troubleshooting information. (This Kindle Fire HD indication doesn’t offer a Mayday button, that connects we to a live patron use representative right from a inscription screen.)

Bottom line

The Fire HD Kids Edition can be a good choice for a inscription that families can share. It’s got a worldly facilities relatives wish when they use a tablet, and FreeTime Unlimited gives them lots of child calm as good as granular control over what calm any child can and can’t access, when they can use a tablet, and for how long.

But there are stipulations that might infer vexing. For one, within a FreeTime profile, kids can’t roller a Web—not even a curated version—or use a tablet’s cameras. Some kids, generally comparison ones, will not be pleased. Also, 8GB is not a lot of memory to work with, and there’s no label container to boost it. Parents might find themselves assisting kids to undo things so they can download new content. Another intensity problem: Parents can’t shorten entrance to any of a calm that’s included with FreeTime Unlimited, even if they feel it’s not suitable for their child.

Check behind for a lab-test formula soon, and take a demeanour during a other reviews of tablets for kids.

—Carol Mangis

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