Amazon Kindle (7th generation) review: a £59 eReader now has a touchscreen

November 9, 2014 - Kindle Unlimited

7th era Kindle examination touchscreen

Once on a time, Amazon’s Kindle eReader with a touchscreen would set we behind £109. But now, a new 7th era Kindle is fundamentally a same as a comparison Kindle Touch nonetheless costs roughly half a price.

Apart from a fact that it’s black rather than graphite in colour, and has identical bevelled back edges to Amazon’s stream inscription range, a new Kindle is unequivocally no conflicting to a 2011 Kindle Touch. It has a same 4GB of memory (twice that of a effusive non-touch Kindle) that is adequate for thousands of books.

It has a same 6in shade with a same 800×600 resolution, equating to 167 pixels per inch. That’s low by today’s standards yet on a 16-level greyscale E-Ink screen, it unequivocally doesn’t need to be most higher. Sure, characters are crook on a 212ppi Paperwhite (and even crisper on the code new 300ppi Voyage) yet it isn’t going to forestall we enjoying a good novel.

What’s altered is an even faster processor that speeds adult page turns. They’re quick adequate now that we don’t unequivocally notice a page lovely – it’s positively a universe divided from those early E-Ink screens that would take a second or so to modernise a image.

The touchscreen component is as manageable as you’d design from a complicated tablet, and we can use gestures such as swiping to ‘unlock’ a Kindle (necessary to mislay a lock-screen adverts unless you’ve paid a additional £10 to erase them), and scrolling by menus or web pages.

Anyone meditative of upgrading from a non-touchscreen Kindle will conclude usually how easy it is to form in hunt queries when looking for a new book in a Kindle store – or simply acid a on-device library. The same goes for typing in Wi-Fi passwords and creation notes. You can daub divided as quick as we like, and a Kindle will keep up.

7th era Kindle examination touchscreen

It’s a contrition that Amazon hasn’t managed to make a bezels during a sides any thinner, as it would make it easier to reason a Kindle in one hand. In fact, it’s peculiar that this new indication is a few millimetres bigger in all measure than a old non-touchscreen model. That’s a conflicting of alleviation in a book. And during 190g, it’s also 20g heavier. It’s still light adequate to reason for prolonged durations yet it’s unsatisfactory nonethless.

In terms of program features, don’t design any disproportion from your stream Kindle – if you’ve kept it adult to date that is. Amazon has been adding facilities utterly regularly, and one quite useful one is Freetime. This works in a identical approach to Amazon’s Fire tablets. You select that books any child can examination (there’s no extent formed on age rating), and a child can acquire badges when they strike their reading targets for one or some-more days. You can set a daily reading goal, such as 30 minutes, so a whole knowledge is customisable. FreeTime also blocks off a web browser, Wikipedia lookup and also stops them from shopping books from a store.

One recently combined underline is Kindle Unlimited that costs £8 per month. It’s same to Netflix – we allow on a monthly basement and get entrance to a immeasurable catalog of books while your subscription is active. As good as ebooks, a subscription includes audiobooks. The problem is that this Kindle doesn’t have a orator or a headphone hollow (like a aged Kindle Touch), so you’ll need another device such as a inscription or laptop to advantage from a audiobooks.

The battery lasts for weeks if we examination for brief durations any day, creation it most improved than a inscription if we usually wish to examination books, and charges in roughly 4 hours from a laptop or PC’s USB port.

7th era Kindle examination touchscreen

Amazon has designed new leather and PU cases for a new Kindle, so we can supplement a dash of colour. There’s a same ornate yellow and magenta options as for a new Fire HD 6 and 7 tablets, and red and purple (and black if we don’t wish colour). Both versions spin on a Kindle when we open them – a accessible underline – and a black leather will cost we a large £35 while a phony PU versions are (a still hefty) £25.

Amazon Kindle (7th generation) review: bottom line

Aside from a detriment of audio functions, you’re removing a Kindle Touch for usually £59. That’s not bad, yet don’t forget there’s no horse in a box. Where a Kindle beats other eReaders is in a program features. Aside from a arriving Word Wise feature, that shows definitions of wily difference automatically for kids, there’s zero new we won’t have seen on prior Kindles. However, X-Ray, Page Flip, a built-in compendium and Wikipedia lookup make it a some-more finish reading knowledge than you’ll get elsewhere. It’s also a tiny touches, such as a ‘Time left in chapter’ that make reading that bit improved on a Kindle. Plus, there’s Amazon’s large book preference and generally low prices.

There’s some-more foe on hardware these days, though, so if we wish a eReader with a illuminated shade – arguably a usually critical underline blank from a Kindle – we can buy a new Nook SimpleTouch GlowLight for usually £30 more. And if you’re peaceful to buy second-hand, ebay is full of Kindle Paperwhites that sell for between £60 and £80.

Don’t forget, too, that a new Fire HD 6 has a same reading facilities as a new Kindle, and costs usually £20 more. If we can live with reading on an LCD shade – that effectively means indoors – afterwards it’s a good deal.

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