Amazon Fire review: $50 of implausible value

October 15, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited

With each flitting year, Amazon finds ways to ascent a Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets while also problematic a cost of entry. The company’s Fire HD 6, launched final October, pennyless a sub-$100 barrier, and nonetheless it now looks comparatively costly in comparison with a new entry-level Fire. At $50, it’s graceful many a cheapest inscription income can buy, yet don’t let that cost dope you. Compromises have been done in a foe to a bottom, of course, yet a desperate jargon “you get what we compensate for” doesn’t unequivocally request here. The new Fire competence usually be a cost of a night out, yet what you’re removing in lapse is a ideally means device that sets a benchmark for bill slates.

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Amazon Fire review


Amazon’s new entry-level Fire has copiousness of shortcomings, and it’s not going to fit positively everyone’s tastes. It lacks a high-definition arrangement for one, and we have to know Fire OS is built radically around promotion Amazon’s several products and services. On a flip side, you’re afforded great battery life and a generous volume of performance. And for $50, it’s simply a best value inscription we can buy right now. 



Some tablets are crafted regulating premium steel unibodies; some are designed with gamers’ sensibilities in mind; and some… well, they’re 50 bucks. Thus, we can pardon Amazon for profitable usually as many courtesy to aesthetics as was indispensable to emanate a Fire during this cost point. That’s not to contend it’s an eyesore, yet it’s positively on a ubiquitous finish of a pattern spectrum: a singular piece of potion adult front with a easily textured cosmetic bombard enveloping a rest of a device. What a Fire lacks in visible flair, though, it creates adult for with a crafty member layout.

The march of a Amazon trademark hammered on a behind of a device and a chain of a front-facing camera advise a Fire is radically dictated for mural use. That’s how we tend to reason it if you’re reading a book or browsing a internet, of course, yet it’s no tip video is best noticed in landscape. And it’s transparent Amazon’s paid special courtesy to that use case. The primary shooter and a tiny orator grille on a Fire’s behind cuddle parsimonious to one edge, for example, so your hands are doubtful to silence audio outlay or problematic a camera lens.

Similarly, all ports and buttons (apart from a microSD cubbyhole) are congested together along a Fire’s tip edge. At first, we suspected this was for a consequence of engineering efficiency, yet all becomes transparent when we bucket adult a film and flip a thing into landscape mode. The energy pivotal and volume rocker are now in tighten vicinity to your left hand, while a micro-USB pier sits high on a corner so that a charging wire won’t meddle with your grip. The position of a volume rocker we find utterly convenient, even yet a radical chain confused me during first. So, a Fire competence be comparatively typical to demeanour at, yet during slightest it’s been designed with usability in mind.


Now, a new Fire isn’t a thinnest or lightest 7-inch inscription that’s ever existed, yet we’re still looking during ideally docile dimensions. It measures 191 x 115 x 10.6mm (7.5 x 4.5 x 0.4 inches), wise positively in a palm of a largish hand. The cosmetic bombard is dull off in all a right places, too, so there are no pointy edges digging into your fingers and distracting we from that book you’ve been definition to gloss off. Taking into comment a distance of a arrangement bezels, a Fire could maybe be a tiny reduction far-reaching and a tiny reduction tall; yet a 7-inch shade positively doesn’t demeanour like it’s surrounded by an nonessential volume of passed space.

Healthy bezels aren’t uncommon in a 7-inch category, and they’re a trait common by many Amazon slates of old. All a inner components need room to breathe, after all, and we wouldn’t wish a new Fire to be any thicker to accommodate smaller bezels. Anyway, they don’t impact usability and for $50, we can tarry yet an edge-to-edge display.

At 313g (11 ounces), a Fire is heavier than it looks like it ought to be, even weighing a hair some-more than Amazon’s new 8-inch Fire HD slate. It’s still some-more than light adequate to outing in a bag and forget about, yet a toddler that hasn’t been attack a gym competence be clumsier with it than they would a lighter device. If we are meditative about gnawing adult one of a cheap, entry-level slates for your tyke, afterwards we competence wish to span it with one of Amazon’s kid-proof cases for safety’s sake. There’s always a $100/£100 Fire “Kids Edition,” too, that includes one of a colorful bumpers, as good as a one-year subscription to educational calm by FreeTime Unlimited (also famous as Fire for Kids Unlimited in a UK) and a two-year, no-questions-asked guarantee.

Adults, even somewhat clumsy ones, should get along with a Fire usually fine. Sure, a cosmetic bombard is receptive to scuffing and a energy pivotal wobbles around in a hollow a little, yet a build peculiarity of a device is differently of a graceful high standard. Its density positively contributes to a plain feel, and there’s frequency any give in a framework when subjected to forceful attempts to turn and hook it. Let’s usually contend that it won’t disintegrate in a bustling book bag, that for a $50 tablet, is tantamount to a compliment.

Display and audio


The new Fire is a usually inscription in Amazon’s stream operation that doesn’t validate for a “HD” epithet, yet a 7-inch, 1,024 x 600 arrangement isn’t too far off a 720p high-def standard. That said, with 171 pixels per in. to a name, a miss of acuity is unequivocally noticeable. Peer in close, and it’s easy to see a particular pixels during work, generally when you’re looking during a small, skinny calm used around a Fire’s UI. Book and manuscript cover art in a on-device storefronts tends to demeanour a tiny pixelated during this resolution, yet as I’ve pronounced a integrate of times already (and will continue to), it’s tough to be judgmental of comparatively teenager shortcomings when you’re articulate about a $50 device. An HD arrangement isn’t positively compulsory for reading, checking emails, browsing a web or personification a peculiar game.

With approach entrance to Prime Instant Video calm in Fire OS, though, a inscription is ostensible to be an all-encompassing multimedia buffet. That considered, a new Fire isn’t accurately going to win over videophiles when 720p calm is a tiny loud and heavily letterboxed. But, there are copiousness of larger, high-res tablets accessible (at many aloft cost points) for those who need an glorious observation experience; and you’re not going to be pathetic in a steer carriage, impiety a fortitude if we usually wish to locate a discerning part of Archer on a approach to work.

The peculiarity of a Fire’s IPS LCD row is a bit of a churned bag. Blacks are graceful good for an LCD arrangement (which isn’t a technology’s clever point) and whites are spot-on as distant as we can tell, yet colors aren’t utterly as jam-packed as they could be. They’re still during about an 8 or 9 on a energy scale, however, so you’re not lacking a outrageous progression of vibrancy. Viewing angles are surprisingly wide, yet object readability leaves something to be desired.


Direct object is tough to find in a henceforth pale British autumn, yet even on bright(ish) pale days, a row doesn’t flog out utterly adequate energy to discharge glisten entirely. Needless to say, a Fire’s shade doesn’t transport utterly good when uninhibited photons come into play. You’ll see adequate to support a print and a sheer contrariety of black on white creates reading a book doable, yet in many outside scenarios, you’re going to be staring especially during your possess reflection. While a max liughtness of a arrangement is partly to blame, we can’t assistance yet cruise it’s not aided by whatever cloaking is on a potion covering it, or miss thereof. The Fire’s shade has a somewhat “sticky” feel to it, picking adult copiousness of finger oil and grime, and sticking onto that plod for dear life.

The peculiarity of a audio a lone, tiny loudspeaker spits out is, put bluntly, graceful terrible. It’s means of kicking out sound during a high volume, yet song has a horribly raspy peculiarity to it that legitimately hurts a eardrums, and a louder it gets, a tinnier and some-more hiss-filled all becomes. I’ve listened approach improved smartphone loudspeakers, that should be complaint enough. There’s tiny in a approach of distinct drum tones, and it’s roughly improved that it’s confronting divided from we and not sepulchral loyal adult into your ear canals. To be fair, a operation in that it performs best is suitable for dialogue, so in a pinch, we could get by a whole film on a Fire yet giving adult wholly since of audio quality.

If during all possible, though, you’re going to wish to lane down a span of headphones to turn adult your listening experience. Deep drum is still MIA and song lacks a tiny warmth, yet audio is differently well-balanced and leagues some-more defined. Oh, and of march we also get a advantage of stereo sound.



While we frequency doubt you’d ever cruise to use a new Fire to request your subsequent sightseeing trip, a fact that Amazon even managed to hang dual cameras in a device is commendable. You competence remember that usually a few years ago, Google’s initial Nexus 7 inscription abandoned a behind camera to accommodate a $200 cost point. Understandably, a Fire’s shooters aren’t pulling a bounds of unstable imaging tech, yet a VGA front-facer during slightest allows we to video discuss with your nearest and dearest. Needless to say, it doesn’t take a many graceful selfies, and a 2-megapixel categorical camera doesn’t merit a good understanding of regard either.

Amazon Fire camera samples

The fact is, 2MP images are low-quality by design, so even in comparatively auspicious conditions cinema miss any kind of glorious detail. These days, even bill smartphones have at least 8 megapixels to work with, so we don’t remember a final time we even looked during a 2MP pattern — and we can’t contend I’ve missed them. Aside from a low fortitude of a images, a camera usually isn’t unequivocally capable. It struggles to concentration for landscape shots, spitting out a workable pattern usually in a macro range. Pictures miss any genuine abyss of color, too, that isn’t helped by haphazard auto-exposure remuneration that never seems to decider a suitable turn utterly right. In comparison, a auto-white change resource is graceful accurate, even in contrariety synthetic lighting situations.

There are some advantages to carrying a low-spec primary camera. Shutter response and pattern estimate are fundamentally instant. HDR shots take usually a split-second longer to generate, nonetheless we can’t contend a environment improves contrariety as many as it blows out cinema some-more than a auto-exposure resource tends to already. The camera interface on a Fire is intensely simple, that would be totally glorious if we didn’t feel we could do a improved pursuit with a primer exposure-adjustment option. As good as being means to select a pattern aspect ratio (16:9 or 4:3), HDR, scenery and lenticular modes are all you’ve got. It’s roughly unfit to get anything other than a Frankenstein-like pattern regulating a scenery mode — usually a garland of images stitched haphazardly together. With a lenticular mode, we indeed record a brief video and perspective it by relocating behind and onward by a particular frames by sloping a inscription this approach and that: a newness during best.


Surprisingly, a peculiarity of 720p video accessible with a categorical camera looks a damn steer improved than stills. The concentration binds steady; a auto-exposure remuneration is usually softly fidgety; and audio comes by good and clear, too. As is loyal with each camera, splendid healthy lighting is your friend, and a Fire’s primary shooter has no low-light opening whatsoever. There’s also no messenger peep to assistance we out, so perplexing to take cinema in dim environments is simply not value a effort.

The peculiarity of a Fire’s cameras is another practice in compromise, yet during slightest they weren’t sacrificed wholly to accommodate a $50 cost point. Chances are we aren’t going to wish to use them unequivocally mostly — whatever smartphone we have in your container will roughly positively be preferable — yet if we ever need them, they’re there.



All a new Fire tablets run Amazon’s heavily customized chronicle of Android Lollipop: Fire OS 5 “Bellini.” It’s a far, distant cry from batch Android, yet certain UI elements like a notification/quick settings drawer and charge manager shade will be informed to anyone who’s poked around Google’s OS before. Perhaps a many poignant disproportion between a dual is that Fire OS does divided with a home shade carousel, where app shortcuts and widgets would live if we were looking during an unskinned chronicle of Lollipop. Instead, you’re thrown loyal into a grid perspective of your commissioned apps once we get past a close screen.

Fire OS 5 screenshots

Oh, and by a way, a close shade is radically promotion space, depending on how many we wish a new Fire to cost you. For $15 or £10 some-more than a $50/£50 bottom seeking cost — so, $65 or £60 in sum — your Fire won’t uncover “sponsored” close screens that block products (like inscription accessories), apps and other content. You can select to opt out of these special offers after a fact, too, if we find them some-more vitriolic than you’d creatively anticipated, yet we unequivocally wouldn’t bother. Paying additional to have a tradition close shade doesn’t seem value it when a rest of Fire OS is fundamentally promotion anyway.

The whole reason Amazon is means to sell a Fire during such a low cost is since it’s creation tiny to no distinction on a device itself. The thought is you’ll use a Fire to emporium on Amazon, as good as get your calm around Amazon’s several services, and a association will pad a bottom line that way. And Fire OS is designed with that plan in mind. To a right of a home shade app list, Fire OS has 8 additional panels that showcase many of Amazon’s products and services: e-books, video content, games, online shopping, apps, music, audiobooks and magazines/newspapers.


The existence is we can totally omit all of this and use a inscription however we choose, yet a downside to a Amazon-first UI is that you’re mostly a few some-more taps divided from on-device calm than you’d like to be. This is utterly loyal for video, that is substantially since Amazon combined a “My Videos” by-pass to a app list for removing loyal to your on-device catalog. But, as many as you’re hard-sold in that direction, an Amazon Prime subscription competence be value a demeanour if you’re not invested in a crowd of streaming services already. For $99 or £79 per year, a Prime subscription affords we unobstructed entrance to Amazon’s TV, film and song streaming platforms, as good as a Kindle giveaway e-book lending library, among other perks.

The usually use we competence wish that a Prime subscription doesn’t cover is FreeTime Unlimited. From $3 or £2 per month (for Prime members), a subscription grants giveaway entrance to kid-suitable books, apps, games, cinema and TV shows, all finished in a colorful, easier UI. Bear in mind, though, that we don’t need to compensate anything to take advantage of all a clever parental controls built into Fire OS.

As distant as a core practice go, Amazon’s Fire OS doesn’t embody any of Google’s services, yet a homogeneous Silk browser, calendar, email and record manager apps are totally adequate substitutes. Amazon’s possess Appstore isn’t utterly as well-stocked as Google’s, yet nowadays, you’d be detrimental not to find whatever it is you’re looking for (or during slightest an app that does a same job). In some respects, we indeed cite Amazon’s Appstore, utterly since there are so many free apps we have to compensate for elsewhere constantly in circulation. And if we really, unequivocally need an app it doesn’t stock, we can download a Android APK record and implement it yourself, minimal technical expertise compulsory (i.e., zero a discerning Google hunt won’t learn you).

Performance and battery life


At a heart, a new Fire is powered by a quad-core 1.3GHz MediaTek processor (MT8127), interconnected with 1GB of RAM, that is some-more or reduction what you’d pattern from an entry-level tablet. You’ve also got 8GB of inner storage, yet usually 5GB of that is accessible to a user, so it’s a good thing a Fire’s microSD container supports cards as vast as 128GB (Amazon’s also releasing a program refurbish shortly that’ll concede downloaded Prime Music marks to be stored on a microSD card). As you’d pattern with this kind of inner horsepower, a Fire doesn’t offer a same turn of opening as top-tier slates do, yet you’re not totally sacrificing usability for a bargain-basement price. Navigating around Fire OS is a graceful smooth, sharp experience; it’s usually loading times and responsiveness that mount out as a tiny slower than you’d see if a beefier processor were tasked with a same job. The auto-screen revolution resource takes a few seconds to correct, for example, yet a Fire isn’t annoyingly indolent by any widen of a imagination.

Apps competence not bucket instantly, and a on-screen keyboard takes a heartbeat to seem when we call on it, yet you’re never left watchful long. What we like many about a altogether user knowledge is that it’s intensely consistent: It’s not so many delayed as it is measured. The Fire frequency stutters or hangs; it doesn’t feel… clunky. The Silk browser, for instance, takes a second or dual to load, and websites need a few some-more before all a several elements find their legitimate places, yet from afterwards on, it’s well-spoken sailing — no jerky scrolling, vital tiling issues or wizz lag.

You’d cruise a Fire would be best matched for some-more infrequent tasks, like browsing, email, amicable networking and a rest, yet I’m tender with how it handles some-more complete exercises. There was always a possibility processor-testing apps would display a Fire as a low-end device that crumbles underneath aloft workloads. However, 3D titles like Real Racing 3, Goat Simulator and Ravensword: Shadowlands mostly run uniformly on a new Fire, dropping usually a integrate frames here and there.


In terms of connectivity, a Fire usually has a basics: Bluetooth 4.0 and single-band WiFi (802.11b/g/n). There’s not a good understanding some-more we positively need, though, and a WiFi chip manages to keep a strong, invariable two-bar tie in places where my first-gen iPad Mini can’t even see my home router. According to Amazon, a Fire’s 2,980mAh battery is good for adult to 7 hours of churned usage, that in my experience, is an understatement. In a customary 720p, looping-video battery-rundown exam (at 50 percent shade brightness), a Fire lasted 9 hours and 20 mins before dying, with all battery-saving modes disabled. That doesn’t utterly compare a iPad Mini 4’s 13-hour stint, yet it’s roughly dual hours longer than Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 was means to hang it out for.

In bland use, I’d contend a battery life is some-more or reduction unchanging with a outline exam results. The Fire browns roughly no extract when station by, so we can use it easily over several days before we even have to cruise about recharging it. Falling defunct while examination a Twitch channel happens to me some-more mostly than we caring to admit, and a Fire’s a kind of inscription we arise adult to 6 hours after to find still connected and streaming.

The competition


Unless we wish to hurl a bones with a no-name 7-inch tablet, of that there are many accessible by sites like eBay and Amazon, it’s many unfit to find a $50 slate. Even budget-friendly slabs from manufacturers like Archos and Alcatel are significantly some-more costly notwithstanding being reduce or likewise specced. You could always find out a used or refurbished device, yet even afterwards you’re still looking during profitable ceiling of $50 for an old, used tablet.

The fact is, Amazon’s pulling a bounds of affordability with many of a Fire range. If it’s a inexpensive Android inscription you’re after and we don’t mind a demeanour of Fire OS, Amazon’s a good place to start. The new Fire HD 8 and HD 10 tablets start during $150/£130 and $230/£170, respectively, so we wouldn’t unequivocally cruise those foe given a cost leap. Even a Fire HD 6, launched final year, is considerably some-more costly during $100/£80, with a categorical trade-off being a smaller shade distance for a aloft pixel count.

There isn’t a good understanding some-more to contend other than that a $50 Fire kind of stands in a joining of a possess — there isn’t another inscription that offers a identical user knowledge and spec piece during a same rock-bottom price.



Amazon’s new Fire isn’t directed during striking pattern graduates, and it isn’t done for videophiles wanting 1080p as customary — it’s for everybody else. The strenuous infancy of people use tablets for accurately a same simple tasks: prodding out a peculiar email, browsing, personification nonplus games and examination Netflix in bed. The Fire is ideally means of doing all these things yet a grumble, and it usually costs as many as you’d spend on a integrate of rounds of drinks during your internal bar. If we wish a inexpensive Android inscription for all your customary use cases, since would we worry to demeanour elsewhere? Heck, buy 5 of a things to discharge among your whole family, and you’ll get a sixth giveaway that we can leave in a vital room for ubiquitous use (but, seriously, we can buy a six-pack for $250/£250).

The Fire is no pattern icon, and it doesn’t have a high-definition display; loudspeaker audio is of bad quality; Fire OS is a hulk advertisement; and a cameras aren’t unequivocally useful. Yet with all these shortcomings, a inscription offers important opening and good battery life, all for a insignificant sum of $50. With that cost tag, it’s unfit to be unhappy by what we get, since a Fire is a master category in value for money.

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