Amazon Echo will have Alexa reading your Kindle e-books for you

January 17, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

Seattle –, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) has announced a final refurbish for a Amazon Echo feature. Besides aiding users in Amazon’s outrageous batch of merchandises, Amazon Echo can now yield a robotic voice called Alexa to review your Kindle e-books for you.

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Since Amazon introduced a Echo intelligent orator final year, many updates have been introduced. Alexa can give users a palm by unlocking and even starting some Ford vehicles, determining some home appliances, and it can even play Jeopardy. But now, a digital partner and voice of a Echo has also turn a reading assistant.

With Amazon Echo, we can now ask Alexa (Amazon’s digital assistant) to review your Kindle e-books for you. Credit: The Verge

Kindle e-books by Alexa permits a robotic sound to review anything we have during your Kindle e-book module library. From a Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, Kindle Unlimited, by Family Library, Alexa will be means to review a calm to we by regulating a equal text-to-speech technology, that is also used for Wikipedia content. Buyers can also use a underline to crop their collection or accessible books from other services and see that of them can be review by Alexa.

Along a advantages Kindle e-books by Alexa brings to users, there is a voice approval feature, that means we don’t even have to use your finger when we wish to relax with a book, yet don’t feel like reading. Simply we only have to contend “Alexa, review [Kindle book title],” and a voice partner will start narrating it. You can also ask Alexa to pause, resume from where we stopped and skip chapters.

There are some limitations, though. It is required to prominence that Alexa is indeed a robotic voice so don’t design to knowledge a play and fad a veteran voice actor would move to a picture, yet if we don’t caring about a voice assistant’s robotic sounds, afterwards this use is right for you.

Users can ask Alexa to skip chapters, yet for now, it is not probable to tell it that section in specific we wish to skip to. Even yet there are a few restrictions with a app, it is now accessible during no charge, discordant to Amazon’s use of routine Audible, that allows audiobooks for a monthly fee.

Amazon is charity a giveaway Star Wars e-book sampler with excerpts from 6 novels from a new Star Wars book array to get readers but any e-books started.

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