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February 18, 2017 - Kindle Unlimited (NASDAQ:AMZN) doesn’t like to give Wall Street some-more information than it has to. It took a prolonged time for a association to uncover investors a financials of Amazon Web Services, a cloud computing platform, and it was already a $4.6 billion business by a time Amazon did. But Amazon’s stating a new income difficulty for a sell operations that gives us a tiny glance into how large Amazon Prime is.

In a latest 10-K filing, Amazon reported a line object called “retail subscription services.” The shred includes “annual and monthly fees compared with Amazon Prime membership, as good as audiobook, e-book, digital video, digital music, and other subscription services,” according to a SEC filing. Those services brought in $6.4 billion in income final year.

The series could give us a spirit as to how many Prime members Amazon has.

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The smallest series of Prime members

Over a past few years, government has given us some hints as to how many Prime members Amazon has. Here’s what government said, and what it implies for Amazon’s membership numbers.

How do those numbers review with subscription revenue?

What’s engaging about these pragmatic numbers is that subscription income grew during a same rate as Prime members final year — 43%. Subscription income grew 62% in 2015, faster than a 51% expansion in Prime membership. So while Prime is really a biggest factor, it’s not a customarily thing contributing revenue.

Audible, with a “millions of subscribers” profitable during slightest $14.95 per month, is a large cause as well, during slightest 5%. Add in a few Kindle Unlimited subscribers and some Amazon Music subscribers, and it’s probable Prime accounts for as many as 90% of Amazon’s subscription revenue, as Morgan Stanley‘s Brian Nowack estimates.

That implies a normal tellurian Prime member pays during many $86.93 per year, if we assume Amazon has during slightest 66.2 million of them.

That series seems a bit high, deliberation two-thirds of Amazon’s sales come from outward a U.S., where Prime is customarily reduction expensive. For example, over 10% of sum sales came from Germany final year, where Amazon charged usually 49 euros ($52) per year for Prime final year. Japan accounts for about 8% of sales, and Prime costs usually 3,900 yen ($34) per year. Prime in Canada is usually 79 Canadian dollars ($60.50).

Considering a impact of lower-priced Prime subscriptions around a universe and unchanging promotions in a U.S., it’s expected a normal Prime member pays closer to $80 per month. At that rate, there are as many as 72 million sum Prime members around a world. A some-more regressive guess competence be a median — 69 million.

But a series could be even higher

Amazon doesn’t count all a money it receives from Prime members as income when they pointer adult for a service. Instead, it amortizes a yearly price over a 12-month membership length. Each month it transfers a certain volume from unearned revenue to a revenue.

As such, estimates regulating income from all of 2016 can customarily yield an normal series of Prime members for a full year. And given a series is going up, Amazon’s stream Prime membership numbers are positively aloft than a normal membership numbers from final year.

Considering a holiday deteriorate is primary time to pointer adult for Prime (pun intended), sign-ups are expected backloaded in Amazon’s mercantile year. The outcome is Amazon has significantly some-more Prime members than what a numbers can tell us. While Amazon gave us a glance during how many income a Prime members are producing, it’s still obfuscating a tangible series of members itself.

Regardless, it’s a really large number, and it’s still flourishing rapidly. That’s as many as Amazon investors can ask for, and it should make them really happy. 

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