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February 27, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited


Overdrive has been loitering a Kindle editions of e-books in a United States on titles from vital book companies. No new Kindle book has been accessible from Penguin given Dec of 2014 and given Feb 2015, not a singular e-book from any vital publisher has turn available. Is this due to a descending out with Amazon or their stream agreement expiring? Or something else entirely?

Libraries all over a US have been held off-guard by a revelation that Kindle e-books from vital publishers has slowed to a trickle. Each library has a possess library deputy from Overdrive and they have not been stirring or active in vouchsafing their clients now what a conditions is. It is not until they are approached directly that they acknowledge there is a problem, yet they don’t know what it is.

The check in Kindle editions are all from titles that branch from major publishers. This comprises of companies such as Simon and Schuster, Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan, and Penguin/Random House.   The usually e-books that are accessible in a Kindle format are a ones being sourced are self-published titles from Smashwords and  small presses.

David Burleigh a Director of Marketing Communications during Overdrive pronounced they are wakeful of a emanate and they can’t tell me what a problem is, given a confidential. They did let me know they are building a new module though, and primarily it could be a reason since there are bugs in a system.

“OverDrive is operative on a new Preorder module that will make titles accessible to a partners early in a announcement cycle, as many as 6 months before to a date a titles are expelled to a public. In OverDrive’s Marketplace, partners can supplement Preorder titles to their public-facing sites, permitting end-users to place binds until a title’s travel date. At that time, a pretension will be accessible for download/viewing. If any binds were placed on a title, they will be fulfilled.”

David went on to contend “under this program, partners will not be invoiced for these titles until a titles’ travel dates. This will safeguard libraries are charged usually when a titles go live. At launch, we will start with a shred of a catalog, including a Big 5 publishers among others, and additional publishers will be combined in a following months. OverDrive’s Preorder module is approaching to launch in a entrance weeks.”

I sojourn unconvinced that a refinement of a complement to sequence e-books over in allege is a base means of Kindle e-books not apropos available.  Libraries have always been means to preorder titles, as shortly as a accessible in a publishers catalog.  The usually thing that is changing is being means to sequence it even further in advance, that is usually a excellence of an existent system, not reinventing a wheel. (Overdrive  just told me that and “to be clear, a Preorder module is an OverDrive module and has zero to do with Kindle)

Many opposite libraries have been reaching out to me given we pennyless this story and we are (speculating)  that  Amazon is removing out of a library business and disjunction their attribute with Overdrive. 

Amazon is  likely removing out of a library business with their solitary customer given they have grown their possess Kindle Lending Library and some-more recently their Kindle Unlimited subscription system. Instead of hyping a 3rd party, Amazon unequivocally wants to make these dual systems work and are throwing all of their selling efforts to compelling them.

When Overdrive was initial removing started in selling their digital placement services to libraries, they were a usually association to secure a attribute with Amazon. They leveraged a fact they were a usually association to offer e-books in a Kindle format and used it as a rival advantage to widespread like wildfire all over a United States. 3M Cloud Library and Baker and Taylor both attempted to enter negotiations with Amazon, yet were meant with contempt and apathy. Ultimately a talks pennyless down. If Amazon was ever critical about a library business, since would they usually understanding with one association and not all of them?

Due to their attribute with Amazon, Overdrive is now a widespread worldwide actor that offers audiobooks, e-books, magazines, newspapers, song and videos.  They have gotten so distant forward of their foe that they don’t need to trump a Amazon label anymore to remonstrate libraries on a virtues of going digital. Currently, over 95% of all libraries in a US have an e-book collection and for a many partial a been supposing by Overdrive.

Its critical to note that Kindle e-books around Overdrive has always been exclusively accessible in a US. The use has never been accessible in Australia, Canada or a United Kingdom. Likely, Amazon followed  this attribute with Overdrive as a test, if it were successful, they would expand. USA initial and all second is detached of Amazons DNA.  They always launch products and services in a US first, to see if it gains traction (Fire Phone, Fire TV, Fire Stick, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Unlimited, etc etc) and afterwards if a deemed a success they routinely hurl it out to pivotal general markets like Germany and a United Kingdom.

The volume of income Overdrive is profitable Amazon to support a Kindle e-book format is not financially viable anymore. There was a time when e-readers were a widespread device to review e-books on and many people took advantage of a “Send to Kindle” function.  This has dramatically altered in a final few years as some-more people are regulating a Overdrive Media Console app on their tablets and smartphones. Everyone else is regulating a HTML5 resolution and there simply isn’t a need anymore to support dedicated e-readers, like a Kindle Voyage or Paperwhite.

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