Amazon adds 32 new postcodes to rapid 1 hour smoothness use – find out if you’re included

April 30, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

Over a final decade, Amazon UK has blown adult as one of a world’s many in direct online stores – competing with a likes of Argos and Currys with cost matches and lightning deals.

In an try to ramp adult subscriptions to a Prime service – a hulk has currently combined a serve 32 new postcodes opposite southern England to a one-hour smoothness use – Amazon Prime Now .

The new postcodes have been combined with evident outcome – all are in a Hampshire area, we can perspective a full list below:

PO1, PO2, PO3, PO4, PO5, PO6, PO7, PO8, PO9, PO12, PO13, PO14, PO15, PO16, PO17, SO14, SO15, SO16, SO17, SO18, SO19, SO21, SO22, SO23, SO30, SO31, SO32, SO40, SO50, SO51, SO52, SO53.

New members to Amazon Prime, can also get £10 off your initial squeeze (minimum spend £30) with a promo formula ” 30PRIMENOW “.

The use costs £79 a year and includes total entrance to Amazon’s immeasurable library of films, tracks, excite books and TV shows, including Jeremy Clarkson’s Topgear homogeneous that launches after this year.

Want a perks yet don’t wish to dedicate long-term? The annual membership programme costs £79 a year, yet Amazon says we can sign adult for Amazon Prime’s 30 day trial – and cancel after a month – and still redeem a £10 off Prime Now deal.

What is Amazon Prime and how can we suffer Prime Now for free? Find out in our FAQ .

Prime members can now get smoothness within one-hour for £6.99, or within a two-hour, same-day window for free, from 8am – midnight.

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5 some-more ways to save during Amazon


Amazon’s Prime’s 30 day giveaway hearing offers business giveaway TV shows, films, books and delivery

1. How to get giveaway 1-day delivery

If we emporium a lot, or we know you’ll be doing a lot of selling over a subsequent 30-days, e.g. Christmas selling or a new house, pointer adult to Amazon Prime’s 30 day giveaway trial and get giveaway total one-day UK delivery.

Included in a Amazon Prime trial is total entrance to their e-book store, one-day/hour smoothness and entrance to over 1,500 cinema and TV shows. It customarily costs £79 a year, however Amazon says it has no conflict to users signing adult for a giveaway duration only.

If you’re a student, pointer adult to Amazon Prime’s tyro trial can get giveaway Amazon subsequent day smoothness for 6 months and half cost Prime after a hearing ends.

If we opt for a giveaway trial, REMEMBER to set a pointer to cancel before a subscription ends, or we will be charged a £79 annual membership fee.

For some-more deals, see a Amazon document codes page.

2. Amazon bonus codes

A laptop displays a Amazon website

Search for accessible bonus codes online

Amazon document codes do exist. We should contend that first.

Usually there aren’t many document codes accessible though, so pointer adult to all a Amazon emails we can. You can emanate a new email comment for this if we are disturbed about removing too many selling emails, yet do check it.

Students can get 10% off wardrobe and 5% off books and some-more regulating a NUS bonus code .

Outside of Amazon, document sites lift unchanging offers from a online retailer, a likes of Voucherbox , Groupon , and HotUKDeals have some Amazon promo codes listed on them – nonetheless these frequently come with strings trustworthy and are mostly no some-more than links to deals we could find on Amazon yourself.

3. FREE baby box with Amazon Family

Get a giveaway baby box when we pointer adult for Amazon Family

Alternatively, mums-to-be can pointer adult to a Amazon Family 30-day-trial and redeem giveaway and total subsequent day smoothness on all from buggies to fashion, entrance to thousands of cinema and TV shows and 30% off cleaning products.

Amazon Family members also get 20% off nappies, 30% off Olay skincare and 30% off Oral B toothbrushes too and a free baby box – find out how to explain yours here .

4. Check out a clearway warehouse

Shop in a room for returned products during ignored rates

Amazon has a clearance warehouse for returned products – and promises ‘deeply discounted’ deals on all from Xbox One Bundles to coffee machines.

Their bonus room is where returned batch and shop-worn sell is sole off inexpensive – and new equipment are combined to it everyday.

Items change from returned products to warehouse-damaged, used, or refurbished products that are in good condition yet do not accommodate’s standards as “new”. Occasionally, you’ll also mark “new and open-box condition” equipment – yet you’ll have to be quick.

5. Student discount

Disclosed book on list during library

Students can make additional assets selling during a online tradesman too

If you’re a member of Amazon Student and have a current National Union of Students NUS Extra Card, we can request an NUS Extra Student Discount Code to Your Account . NUS will yield we with dual bonus codes – one for wardrobe (15%) and a other for books (5% off).

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Other Amazon discounts

The Amazon achievement centre in Peterborough

For people looking for a bargain, conduct to the Amazon deals page for Amazon’s deals of a day – and if we corkscrew down we can see their latest vouchers .

Amazon also offers one-off deals, including Kindles for £49.99 .

We’ve dull adult 5 of a best ways to find bargains on Amazon here .

When a deal’s not a deal


Amazon has some fanciful discounts, so fabulous, in fact, they can be tough to believe.

So before we get tempted to buy something that’s an impossibly 85% off, check a cost elsewhere.

Do a discerning hunt for a product name on Google, or Google Shopping and see what cost others are charging for it.

You can also see how a cost has altered on Amazon itself regulating a use like CamelCamelCamel – that marks prices on Amazon to see if products are frequently ignored or of you’re removing a genuine special offer – we can even block it into your web browser to check automatically.

Amazon Deals Tips

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Amazon Voucher Codes

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