5 Super Apps Comic Lovers Must Have

August 24, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited

If we have a pulse, you’re substantially vehement by a advances in mobile computing. If you’re a comic fan, you’ve substantially given reading on your phone or inscription during smallest a discerning try by now. Every cellphone and inscription doubles as an e-reader these days, so it competence be foreigner if we hadn’t installed adult an aged Superman recover on your phone.

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Of course, loading adult your aged digital comics on a PDF spectator is usually a initial step. The genuine fad currently is generated by apps. With central offerings from a array of sources and large digital placement channels developing, there are a array of glorious apps comic book fans should download that are compatible with many 4g devices:

DC Comics

DC’s central mobile app should be on your phone or inscription yesterday, if we have a smallest seductiveness in DC or any of a imprints. With digital exclusives, same-day releases of new comics and a large repository of comparison stories available, you’ll have some-more DC than we know what to do with. Buy once, review perpetually — if you’ve bought an e-book before, you’re informed with a approach this works.

A new refurbish combined a lot of amicable media integration, so we can share your knowledge with associate fans from a comfort of a app.

Marvel Unlimited

Are we a Marvel fan? Then we substantially wish a central Marvel app. Marvel boasts 13,000+ comics underneath a subscription use and has enclosed special deals on Marvel goods, news, etc., in a price.

Unlike a DC app, Marvel Unlimited is quite a subscription service. The use starts during $9.99/month or $69/year, with a reward $99/year devise accessible if we wish a few additional perks.


This is a good one-stop app for all aged and new, including titles from DC, Marvel and each other publisher underneath a sun. Lots of neat facilities are baked into a comiXology reading experience, such as a panel-by-panel cinematic guided observation mode, that creates a outrageous disproportion on smaller screens and a good change-up on incomparable ones.

If you’re informed with a DC app, you’re informed with comiXology. As a largest online comic distributor, comiXology powers a central digital releases, creation a services mostly identical.


If you’re looking for comparison series, a Kindle app competence be your best gamble — Amazon started as an online bookstore, we contingency remember. It’s also a good choice if we already have a library of digital comics, as it’s elementary adequate to modify PDFs and other common formats into something concordant with a app.

Because Kindle is Amazon-based, it has a really arguable service. You’ll see fewer outages compared to other services and a Kindle’s servers will expected be around prolonged after competitors have vanished.

Crunchyroll Manga

If Japanese comics are some-more your style, Crunchyroll’s new manga app is a ideal approach to get a newest chapters of your favorite series. Popular array are translated and accessible a same day they strike a stands in Japan, so you’ll never be behind again.

Crunchyroll offers giveaway and reward services, with a lot of a best facilities dark behind a comparatively inexpensive paywall. If manga is your preference, it’s flattering most a usually (legitimate) name in a diversion during this point. Fortunately, a use and app are great.

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