11 Features That Make Amazon Prime Worth a Money

November 17, 2015 - Kindle Unlimited

Amazon Prime

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As Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) evolves as an online retailer, a association continues to prerogative a many constant of fans — Amazon Prime members.

An Amazon Prime membership costs $99 a year, or $49 for students, though it competence make clarity for visit users who are looking for giveaway shipping, video streaming and other rewards. If you’re wondering either we should try Amazon Prime, take a demeanour during this outline of some of a benefits.

1. Free two-day shipping
Paying for shipping is so yesterday…as good as watchful a week for a package to arrive. Perhaps one of Amazon Prime’s many dear perks is a giveaway two-day shipping for some-more than 20 million Amazon equipment nationwide, solely Alaska and Hawaii. This could be a vital holiday crutch, utterly for last-minute shoppers.

Certainly, there are exceptions to two-day delivery. Larger items, like a treadmill, competence take longer though are still giveaway to ship. Amazon Prime could be value a income if we make a lot of tiny purchases underneath $35, that is a sorcery array that earns non-Prime members giveaway shipping.

A non-Prime Amazon conveyance is distributed by a conveyance and item. Although it depends on your order, here’s an example. Based on a calculation for a non-Prime member on a site selling a book and DVD totaling usually underneath $20, a two-day shipping costs $14.97; with Amazon Prime, two-day shipping is free.

If we have an endless holiday selling list, carrying giveaway and quick shipping as an Amazon Prime member competence come in handy. Even if we bought equipment from a earthy store and went to boat them, we competence simply compensate some-more than a $99 Prime cost with UPS, depending on a distance and weight of your conveyance and quantity.

2. Same day, even hourly shipping
Let’s contend we forgot someone on your holiday gift-buying list and need to send a present right away. Well, Amazon Prime also offers same-day giveaway smoothness to those who live in one of a 16 metro areas where a use is offered.

To do this, Amazon Prime members contingency sequence some-more than $35 value of items. If your sequence totals reduction than $35, we can still get same-day delivery, though you’ll compensate $5.99 per order. Just demeanour for a “Prime Free Same-Day” trademark while we corkscrew by equipment to see what qualifies. If we sequence by a cutoff time, typically noon, you’ll get your sequence by 9 PM.

Same-day shipping is also accessible for non-Prime members for $8.99 per sequence and 99 cents per item. And for some, Amazon Now competence be helpful. This is a one- to two-hour smoothness use on thousands of items, though it’s usually accessible in name cities.

3. Streaming video
When everybody in your home is off for a holidays, you’ll need a good pastime. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ll have giveaway entrance to thousands of streaming radio shows and movies.

You can find Prime cinema and TV shows in a Prime Video difficulty online or on a Amazon Video app home screen. New titles are combined frequently. For example, HBO TV series are now accessible to Prime subscribers. Fan favorites like “The Wire” and “The Sopranos” are now during a Prime member’s fingertips. Amazon Prime also creates a possess programming, such as a Golden Globe-winning comedy, “Transparent.” Note that titles are also spasmodic removed.

Amazon Prime was estimated to have some-more than 17,000 cinema and TV series, compared with only 10,000 streaming titles on Netflix, according to Consumer Reports. The site found that Netflix, however, offering some-more high-definition titles than Amazon Prime. A customary devise for Netflix costs $9.99 a month, or usually underneath $120 per year, contra Amazon Prime’s $99 per year.

4. Amazon Prime Music
If you’re looking for some holiday jingles, or anything though holiday tunes, streaming song competence be a approach to go for you. Although song lovers have copiousness of song streaming options out there, we can also get a good accumulation of tunes by Amazon Prime Music.

Prime members get entrance to some-more than a million songs, albums and customized playlists, giveaway of advertisements. Just as with video streaming, a Prime Music catalog is consistently being updated and is accessible on any Amazon concordant device.

At this time, a preference doesn’t accurately opposition other renouned subscriptions, such as Spotify, that claims to have some-more than 30 million songs. However, a reward membership for Spotify is $9.99 a month, that costs some-more annually than a $99 Prime fee.

5. Unlimited print storage
For a print enthusiast, this underline could be utterly valuable. By holding advantage of Amazon’s cloud storage, Prime members can repository total photos for free. If we take a lot of photos around a holidays, you’ll have this choice for storing them.

Prime subscribers can upload photos from their Web browser or by regulating Amazon’s giveaway mobile app. Storage is secure, print backups are involuntary (if we so choose), and users can entrance photos from anywhere. There’s an additional reward to this feature: Amazon Photo also comes with 5 GB of giveaway space for non-photo files like videos. External tough drives to store photos can cost a cost of a Prime membership or more, so that competence be something to cruise if you’re looking for storage options.

6. Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and Kindle First
If you’re looking to friendly adult by a glow with a good review or dual this holiday season, these dual Kindle programs offer purebred Amazon Prime readers quick and giveaway entrance to books. According to DealNews.com, a consumer saving website, a Kindle Owners’ Lending Library offers Prime members some-more than 500,000 books, including many best-sellers.

A Prime member can steal one digital book any month for free. Although Amazon Prime members are singular to one checkout monthly, they don’t have to worry about lapse reminders since there are no due dates.

Kindle First gives Prime members “first dibs” to download one of a 6 editors’ picks a month before it goes on sale, for giveaway or during a reduced price. Non-Prime users can allow to a Kindle First newsletter and can download one new pretension a month during a reduced cost a month before it goes on sale.

These facilities can offer large assets when deliberation a rising costs of e-books. According to The Wall Street Journal, in a Kindle bookstore, titles by a 5 biggest publishers cost on normal $10.81.

7. Amazon Elements
Another disdainful for Prime members is Amazon Elements, a company’s possess line of daily necessities. By a company’s possess description, a code is promoted to families and a product — now one is available: baby wipes — is grown from patron input.

Unless you’re in a marketplace for new baby wipes that guarantee to be durable and soft, this perk competence not excite we much. However, a association press recover suggests that some-more products will hurl out in a future.

8. Prime Early Access
For reward shoppers who like to be initial in line, Prime members have 30-minute early entrance to Lightning Deals on Amazon and sale events on MyHabit.com — another Amazon site that offers adult to 60 percent off engineer labels for a family and home with daily events.

If we like scoring a understanding and have quick fingers, a Prime Early Access underline competence make a Prime subscription inestimable for we and assistance out with a holiday shopping. Of course, it’s critical to note there is still a sell-out risk.

9. Prime Pantry
For those who are looking for grocery smoothness for some of their holiday staples, Prime members have entrance to Prime Pantry, Amazon’s practical store that allows members to fill a “pantry box” with groceries and domicile equipment in bland package sizes for a prosaic shipping cost of $5.99 a box. The module touts itself as a approach to emporium for things as indispensable rather than in bulk.

A grocery smoothness alternative, such as Peapod, requires a $60 smallest squeeze with smoothness fees trimming from $6.95 to $9.95. So if we need reduction than this, Prime Pantry competence be a good option. Before rushing off to fill your cupboard box, we should know all orders are shipped regulating belligerent shipping — definition no two-day (or free) delivery.

10. Amazon Mom
Amazon Mom offers deals for moms with immature children, as good as moms-to-be. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, we get 20 percent off a diaper subscription and an adult to 15 percent, one-time reward for other equipment on your baby registry. It’s 10 percent for non-members.

In sequence to get a reward on diapers, you’ll have to enroll in a “Subscribe and Save” choice during checkout, that allows we to collect a apportion and magnitude of deliveries (every month to any 6 months). However, Subscribe and Save isn’t usually for Amazon Prime members and Amazon Moms. The subscription can assistance over a holidays by gripping your diaper accumulate full when you’re rapt with Christmas stockings and not stocking adult on diapers.

If you’re not enrolled in Amazon Mom, a box of Huggies, for example, could cost we $42 rather than $33.60. Coupon deals from baby to domicile equipment are also accessible to Amazon Moms.

11. Membership Sharing
Two adults and 4 children can share an Amazon Prime membership using a Amazon Household feature. As partial of this arrangement, however, a dual adults on a comment will also be pity any other’s remuneration methods, that is something to keep in mind when environment adult your Amazon Household.

The member-sharing underline allows Prime members some-more than giveaway shipping. They’ll have entrance to Prime Instant Video, Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, Prime Early Access and Subscribe and Save deals. With this pity option, everybody can conveniently make a Christmas wish list and emporium for gifts from one well-loved Prime account.

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