10 Self-Publishing Trends to Watch

July 23, 2016 - Kindle Unlimited

The destiny of edition is diligent with event and peril. Here are 10 trends moulding your destiny as a author and/or publisher.

The arise of e-books: Ten years ago, e-books accounted for reduction than 1% of a trade book market. Today, e-books comment for about 25% of dollar sales and 40%–50% of units. Although a rate of expansion has slowed for e-books, a affordability and accessibility of digital will continue to erode imitation readership.

Publishing and placement democratized: Ten years ago, agents and publishers were a bouncers during a pearly gates of authordom. Publishers tranquil a copy press and a entrance to sell distribution. Today, interjection to giveaway e-book edition platforms, writers suffer democratized entrance to e-book retailers and readers.

E-books going global: Much of a event for authors in a years forward will come from general markets. Billions of intensity readers now lift e-reading inclination in a form of smartphones. Every e-book is potentially a integrate of clicks divided from being detected and purchased.

The arise of indie authorship: Indie authorship has spin a tellurian informative movement. Writers are drawn to e-book self-publishing for a sum artistic control, faster entrance to tellurian markets, and pricing and graduation flexibility. Writers keep all rights while earning 60%–80% of a list cost as their e-book royalty. Traditionally published e-book authors acquire usually 12%–17%.

Indie authors are holding marketplace share: Every week, indie e-books tip tradesman bestseller lists, and strike a USA Today and New York Times lists. Indies will continue gaining digital marketplace share as they colonize tomorrow’s best practices for pricing, production, and promotion.

The tarnish of self-publishing is disappearing: Ten years ago, self-publishing was noticed as a final review for writers. Today, self-publishing is apropos a initial choice for many writers. Writers are training to outsell and outcompete a incomparable publishers with e-books. Each time an indie author hits a bestseller list, it inspires associate writers to commend that they, too, can self-publish with pride, professionalism, and success.

The bolt of high-quality, low-cost e-books will worsen: Ten years ago, a economics of imitation edition and retailing singular a supply of books. With shelf space during a premium, retailers returned unsold register to make room for a subsequent books. This forced many new books out of imitation within a matter of months. With e-books, however, retailers have total practical shelf space. This is a double-edged sword for writers. It means that your e-book will perpetually be discoverable. But it also means that some-more books will follow fewer readers. It’s elementary economics that when supply exceeds demand, cost foe ensues as unfortunate producers cut prices to strech readers.

Amazon is devaluing books with Kindle Unlimited: Amazon is exploiting a bolt of books to expostulate large devaluation with a Kindle Unlimited e-book subscription service. Kindle Unlimited provides readers with entrance to some-more than one million e-books for $9.99 per month, or about a cost of a singular traditionally published e-book. Nearly all a books in Kindle Unlimited are granted by a register of KDP Select, that in spin is powered by self-published authors who make their books disdainful to Amazon. Kindle Unlimited devalues what a patron thinks a book should cost and reduces author earnings. Authors acquire usually half a cent per page read. Producers eventually shoulder a weight of ever-lower prices. Authors contingency possibly reduce their prolongation costs or accept reduction for any sale. Unlike manufacturers of commodity products, authors can’t outsource their essay to China. In a future, writers peaceful to write for reduction will strech a many readers during Amazon.

Kindle Unlimited is undermining single-copy sales: Kindle Unlimited is eroding a marketplace for single-copy e-book sales. Amazon’s product pages for KDP Select titles inspire readers to review a book for giveaway as partial of their Kindle Unlimited or Prime subscription. An author who would differently acquire $2.80 for a single-copy sale of his or her $3.99 200-page book will now acquire about $1 or reduction with Kindle Unlimited. It also means that Amazon is training a many starved business to devour books for what feels like free, rather than purchasing singular copies. Even single-copy purchases of 99¢ e-books will start to feel expensive.

Indie authors are essay a subsequent section of their industry’s story: The energy core of a edition attention is changeable from publishers to writers. Writers will establish a predestine of publishers and retailers by determining when, where, and how they publish. If indie authors continue to enroll books in ever-greater numbers into KDP Select, competing retailers—starved of inventory—will go out of business, serve solidifying Amazon’s stranglehold on a market. In a vicious turn of irony, indie authors are solemnly forfeiting their long-term autonomy by enrolling books in KDP Select.

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